Bathtime spelling lesson

Tots100 are being sponsored by H&A for the second year running, and once again they are running a competition to select 5 bloggers for the Bathtime Fun Squad. Although I blogged about their Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath, we weren’t lucky enough to get picked for the Squad last year, so we’re hoping to be luckier this time.

Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set

To try to earn a place I have been sent a free Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set to review. When it arrived, I showed it to son2, who usually has loads of ducks and boats in his bath. Urgh he said, that’s for babies. Not a promising start. I asked him why he thought that since babies can’t spell, but he wasn’t for budging his opinion. And same reaction when it came to bathtime that evening.

Now I had thought that son1 was probably too old to want to play with the letters, but I casually asked if he was having a shower as usual or if he fancied having the letters in a bath. And boy was I surprised when he opted for the bath. Although not quite so surprised when he called me in to look at what he had spelt first. It was “poopy mum“. Great, thanks for the feedback, son. After a few more rude words, he moved on to spell out his favourite football team. And then he got on to the educational stuff, spelling out words with accompanying facial expressions or actions.

bathtime buddies alphabet set

bathtime buddies alphabet set

I then showed son2 the photos of son1 having fun with the letters, who immediately had a change of heart. He now too wanted to play with them in the bath. Obviously not so babyish after all if big brother is happy to play with them. However similarly to son1, he mainly wanted to write rude words or made-up words to start with.

bathtime buddies alphabet set

To summarize, they both had a lot of fun with the letters in the bath, finding them easy to stick to the bath. Longer baths than usual, but lots of giggles and two very happy boys. The set contains 65 letters with plenty of duplicates.

And from mum’s point of view, I was really pleased to see the drainage holes in the storage jar, as I do get fed up of bath toys which have to be binned early due to yucky black slime growing inside where water has got trapped.

According to H&A, the RRP is £3.30 and this product retails at Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Wilko. A quick look revealed that it is currently only £2.50 at Wilko. This price is very good value in my opinion, so thumbs up all round.

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Bathtime spelling lesson

  1. Colette B

    I’m so glad these are lower case letters – I’ve previously only seen upper case bath letters which isn’t really helpful!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #TriedTested this week x



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