The boys saving plan – update 2

We have been teaching the boys about the importance of saving. They are participating in a month-long saving project, designed  by Family Investments.

Last week I told you here how after spending all their money the previous week, that they intended to save everything this week. Well yes they did, they achieved that goal. And son1 did a lot better with little jobs. His headmaster had promised him a merit mark if he polished his own shoes, something that the boys have never done themselves. So I said they could both earn pocket money for that too. I showed them how to do it and they both made a great effort. Like most boys’ shoes, they were scuffed very grey around the toes. A lick of polish and they were looking nice and black again.

Son1 had also emptied the dishwasher once and done some shredding for Daddy. Meanwhile son2 is getting good about remembering to clear his dishes into the dishwasher after each meal. So this week we awarded them both an extra £2 each in addition to £2 basic, although again we reminded them it could have been more, but for naughtiness and rudeness.

So they filled out their savings charts and put their £4 each into the piggy bank. They were both very pleased to see the numbers growing on the charts.

money saving

money saving

money saving

You may click on the savings planner image below in order to download your own copy.
childrens saving planner

And I don’t think I showed you how attractive the parcel containing our piggy bank, savings planner and other goodies looked when it arrived.

a money saving treat

Disclosure – this post is an entry to Family Investments blogger competition. We received some free products in order to participate.


4 thoughts on “The boys saving plan – update 2

    1. mumjd Post author

      Yes this year is the first time we’ve given the boys pocket money, although we’ve done star charts for good behaviour in the past, with a new toy / treat target


  1. Christine Lockley

    Great post – I think as parents we have a responsibility to show our children how to earn and save – I keep telling my son that no-one will ever look after his money as well as he can (or us at the moment), I really don’t want him to become a member of our “buy now, pay later” society with debts at the outset of his adult life. Thank you for sharing your journey



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