The boys saving plan – update 4

We have been teaching the boys about the importance of saving. They are participating in a month-long saving project, designed  by Family Investments.

To summarise the boys spent all their money like usual in week1, but since then, they have both saved every penny. I am amazed how they have taken it all on board. Here are the updates for week2 and week3, for those who wish to know the full details.

So with no spending this week, son2 reached his target as anticipated. He has been saving for a Chelsea football kit and some of you may be aware, that I bought it ready at the beginning of the project. We did an exchange – he handed me £11 from the piggy bank and I gave him one penny change plus the kit. He was delighted and tried it on straightaway. He is now deciding what his next target is to be. Meanwhile son1 is still saving towards his more expensive target.

Chelsea football kit

Son2 in his new Chelsea kit

Now as to how they did on little jobs this week. Son1 has been trying really hard this week after his meltdown last week. He has continued to tidy his school clothes nearly every night. It’s half-term next week, so I hope he remembers to carry on with this after half-term. I am hoping to get to the point of this being automatic for both of them, as I don’t really view it as a pocket money task. He helped to pair up the clean socks and to put clothes away after I got a big pile out of the airing cupboard. And not only did he polish his own shoes, but he polished his brother’s too. Finally a big thing for him as he is very shy, he tried to redeliver a parcel nextdoor. It didn’t quite pan out, as they were still out when he tried and then they popped round to get it from us before he had a chance to try again.

Meanwhile son2 continues to remember to clear his dishes into the dishwasher every time now. Even son1 did it once this week, but only after being reminded, whilst son2 also tidied his clothes once. And son2 again helped Daddy with the shopping.

Son1 had tried so hard, that in spite of some rudeness and naughtiness from them both, we decided to give him the maximum £3 extra on top of the basic £2 pocket money. And son2 got an extra £2 for his jobs.

And yet again Son2 had some extra money this week from the tooth fairy. He lost his second milk tooth. No more wobbly teeth currently.

lost tooth

What a funny face to show he has lost another tooth

So they put their money into the piggy bank and filled out their savings charts. We are nearing the end of the project. There is only space left on the chart for this week’s spending and saving.

money saving

money saving

money saving

money saving

You may click on the savings planner image below in order to download your own copy.
childrens saving planner

Disclosure – this post is an entry to Family Investments blogger competition. We received some free products in order to participate.

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