To the Grave – by Steve Robinson

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about ‘In The Blood‘ by Steve Robinson, a gripping genealogical fiction book that I really enjoyed reading. I had barely finished the first book before I started the second book in the series which is ‘To The Grave’. Although I say series, this could easily be read alone, without having read the first book. They are connected because they share the same central character, the genealogist Jefferson Tayte.

In The Blood by Steve Robson, a genealogical mystery

This is what it says on the back cover.

A curiously dated child’s suitcase arrives, unannounced and unexplained, in a modern-day Washington suburb. A week later, American genealogist Jefferson Tayte is sitting in an English hotel room, staring at the wrong end of a loaded gun.

In his latest journey into the past, Tayte lands in wartime Leicestershire, England. The genealogist had hoped simply to reunite his client with the birth mother she had never met, having no idea she had been adopted. Instead, he uncovers the tale of a young girl and an American serviceman from the US 82nd Airborne, and a stolen wartime love affair that went tragically wrong.

With To the Grave, Steve Robinson confirms his status as a master of the taut and delicately constructed historical thriller.

This is the second book in the Jefferson Tayte mystery series, which begins with In the Blood but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Once again I was gripped right from the prologue, which leaves the reader in suspense as to the fate of Jefferson who has a gun pointed at him.  I just didn’t want to put the book down. It is written in a similar style to ‘In The Blood‘, moving seamlessly back and forth between a thriller set in the present-day and a genealogical mystery set in Leicestershire during the second world war. Can Jefferson find out what happened to his client’s birth mother. Is she still alive nearly 70 years later to be reunited with her daughter? Why are people being killed? Who is trying to hide what?

I loved this book and highly recommend it although the ending wasn’t what I personally hoped would happen. A real page turner. It is available on Amazon in paperback, kindle or audio formats. And you can find out more about his books on the author’s own website or blog.

Genealogy is one of my own hobbies, so I hope I don’t come across anyone waving guns in my own family history research!

Now shall I read the third Jefferson Tayte book next or do I choose something else from my reading pile?

And another plug for CLIC Sargent’s Get In Character fundraiser. Their ebay auctions commenced today and run until 8th March. You have the chance to bid on ebay to have a character named after you in a book by one of your favourite author.

Steve Robinson is one of the participating authors and he is currently writing his fifth Jefferson Tayte novel, scheduled for publication next year. So if you fancy appearing as a named character in this book, then bid now. Or you can gift it to a close friend or family member.

Regular readers of my blog will know that son1 was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2013. We have had a huge amount of support from CLIC Sargent, so I am more than happy to assist with promoting their fundraiser. They do great work in helping children and young people with cancer.


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    1. mumjd Post author

      I’d say fine for you to read the second book first if you wish. There is a short reference to a character who featured in the 1st book, but not integral to the plot



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