Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set review

We were recruited onto the Toys R Us Toyologist programme a year ago when the boys reviewed the Star Wars Ultimate Anakin to Darth Vader Figure, a toy they are still very much enjoying now. We had been wondering when we might get invited to review a second toy for Toys R Us, so the boys were very pleased to be asked if they would like to review the Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set for free.

Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set

It arrived middle of the week but we waited until the weekend to test it out, as I was’t sure how much mess the boys might make, plus they would be less tired than trying it after school. I put out a mat in the kitchen for them to play on just in case of sand spillage. Then we opened the box to find a sand tray, four seaside theme moulds and a bag of purple sand. I tipped the sand into the tray and the boys got straight down to playing.

Kinetic Sand from ToysRUs

They had a whale of a time if you’ll excuse the pun telling seaside stories as they made and demolished their sand models. It kept them engrossed for ages. They were very pleased how well formed their models were each time compared to traditional sand. And I have to say the boys made very little mess. It was easy for me to clear up the small spillages on the mat back into the tray, due to the kinetic adhering nature of the sand.

Having fun with Kinetic Sand from ToysRUs

Having fun with Kinetic Sand from ToysRUs

Having fun with Kinetic Sand from ToysRUs

Having fun with Kinetic Sand from ToysRUs

Here is a video of the boys doing a sand modelling story.

And now I’ll include some comments from my point of view. In particular I’m comparing it against an existing indoor moon sand toy which son2 received as a present a couple of years ago. Firstly I was very pleased that it only contained one colour of sand, as our existing toy has two colours and they are now very mixed. Secondly I was very surprised to see that the sand tray did not have a lid like our existing toy. I wasn’t confident enough to store an open tray of sand just in it’s cardboard box. Too much risk of spillage, so I bagged the tray and contents in a carrier bag before putting back in the box after playtime.

Also I note that on the reverse of the box it states that you should store Kinetic Sand in a sealed container to keep it clean and dust free. So another reason why a lidded tray would be better.

So in summary a big thumbs up on the fun front, but you’ll need to be careful storing this toy. Please note this is designed as an indoor toy and should be kept dry.

It currently retails at Toys R Us for £19.99, and is recommended for age 3+.  Above pocket money prices but a good price for a present. I don’t know how this price compares to moon sand.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.


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