Yves Rocher hair products review

I have just received two free hair care products to review from Yves Rocher.

Yves Rocher delicate cleansing cream and rinsing vinegar haircare

First up we have the Delicate Cleansing Cream, a low shampoo with organic hawthorn. It says that the non-foaming formula protects the integrity of the hair fibre even when used daily. Apparently inspired by the ‘no shampoo’ method seen in the US, something I haven’t heard of.  I found it quite strange washing my hair with a product which didn’t foam up. It felt a bit like I was trying to wash it with conditioner. The tube didn’t indicate how much to use, so I started with a handful. Without the foaming, I wasn’t convinced whether I had used enough, so I repeated with a bit extra.

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo

A handful of delicate cleansing cream

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo

Look, no foam!

Following up with the raspberry-scented Rinsing Vinegar which it says will eliminate limescale and mineral build up, leaving your hair ultra shiny and smooth. The word vinegar is slightly off-putting, as you think of fish and chips. But don’t worry this product smelt fantastic and the raspberry aroma lingers. However it is a liquid and tends to start running between your fingers if you try to pour into your hand. Second attempt, I got round this by pouring into the lid instead before tipping onto my hair before the final rinse. Again I didn’t know how much of the product to use, so I went for two capfuls, as it is a very small cap.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

A capful of Rinsing Vinegar

Both products are silicone, paraben and sulphate free and are composed of 98% natural ingredients. Once my hair was dry, it did look nice, so I was pleased with both these products and recommend them. However I would have appreciated guidance on how much to use.

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo

Soft and silky results

The Delicate Cleansing Cream currently retails at £3.45 for 200 ml, reduced by 50% from £6.90 whilst the Rinsing Vinegar currently retails at £5.65 for 150 ml, reduced by 50% from £11.30.

This is my second Yves Rocher review. You can read my previous review of Comme Une Evidence perfume here.

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Yves Rocher hair products review

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    I’m not keen on things that don’t foam up, but I know some people prefer that, and the rinsing vinegar sounds very much worth a try. Thanks for the review!



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