Snapfish personalised gifts review and giveaway

We’ve decided to do something a little bit different for Father’s Day gifts this year. The boys have drawn pictures for Dad which I then uploaded to Snapfish for them. We used their designs for the front cover of a notebook each for them to give Dad. They are going to add a couple more pictures to the inside of the notebooks too.

It was very simple to set up an account with Snapfish and to upload images and photos. However both boys’ drawings were landscape and out of the 39 notebook designs, which I know sounds a lot, there were very few that both worked with a landscape image and were acceptable to the boys. Blossom, petals and pink were all ruled out.

Blue Simplicity got their vote, but in order to vary them, we did son1’s as a Full Photo instead, but with the notebook rotated so the spiral is at the top. So let’s hope Snapfish add a few more male orientated designs to the notebook range, especially as notebooks are featured when you drill down on ‘shopping for him’.

All the notebooks currently retail at £5.99 but it doesn’t state the dimensions. You can select either lined or blank paper.

personalised notebook from Snapfish

We’ve also used a photo for a Father’s day card. I was amazed at the wide selection of cards in this category, a staggering 230 of them. Some of them are for other male relatives. I wanted to filter them down before showing to the boys for selection, but although there seemed plenty of filters, the only one that helped was to filter down by number of photos. We had already chosen one photo for the card. This filter reduced our results to 155. I was hoping that the by orientation filter would apply to the photo, but no it applied to the card. So instead I reminded the boys that we had chosen a landscape photo and they looked at about the first 20 before choosing.

They changed the background from brown to blue and added Happy Father’s Day text to the inside of the card. We also had the option of adding text to the front and back, rotating the text and adding more photos to the inside or back. And we could have chosen to have the card posted directly to the recipient.

This design of card currently costs £2.99 but most of the cards are £2.49 with a few at £1.99.

personalised Father's Day Card from Snapfish

And finally I chose a selection of our favourite recent photographs for a set of 6 placemats. Again it doesn’t state the dimensions. These currently cost £24.99 for 6. They can also be purchased individually or in pairs.

The items were dispatched separately. The notebooks arrived first amazingly quickly, less than 36 hours after I placed the order. The boys were very pleased with them and have squirrelled them away to add extra drawings and messages prior to Father’s Day. And I was glad to see that they were a good size, namely A5.

personalised notebook from Snapfish

personalised notebook from Snapfish

Then two days later, two more packages arrived. The card looked great and I was very pleased to see on the back that 15p of the purchase price goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. I hadn’t picked up on that when ordering.

And as for the mats, wow, they look amazing and should make a good talking point at the table. Size wise, they are 19.5 by 23.5 cm. All three packages were well packed.

personalised placemats from Snapfish

We are very pleased with our Father’s Day purchases from Snapfish and recommend that you take a look. Please note that the last order date for Father’s Day is 15 June 2015.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a £40 Snapfish voucher to one lucky winner. What a great prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear what you would choose from Snapfish?

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Disclosure.  I received a voucher to purchase items from Snapfish.  All opinions are my own.

94 thoughts on “Snapfish personalised gifts review and giveaway

  1. isis1981uk

    I love the photobooks×12/bookType=PMB12/prd=PhotoBook/productType=photobook/isPhotoboxUPCTurnedOff=true/openSwiftPopup=true/s_ru=FALSE/s_se=FDR/gauth=a:c:o:d:e:REVTK001PjhDVT5WSl02UTgmJVs6MS9WRE9VMzhaMC0_MVFeNmBSPU8oJldASi4wI1REJT1ESy1QP0EqK08xVE4KTUkqYC4xKjdUN0FYQ0lgMi5XJ19ZLyImKCRBJUlENE07KV0tR04zSz4tMEYhMTg1Ni0uNk9MTi5ePFheOwo2X0ItIU8rIUAvJTdcXUA.SyI9LipdXiIjVEVPVkRAYGAKYAplbmQK/gacctoid=9913863006/COBRAND_NAME=snapfishuk


  2. Nancy Bradford

    The photobooks are lovely. I need some hard copies of all of our family photos×14/bookType=PMB14/prd=PhotoBook/productType=photobook/isPhotoboxUPCTurnedOff=true/openSwiftPopup=true/s_ru=FALSE/s_se=FDR/gauth=a:c:o:d:e:REVTK01WQyNXQk0vQVo1K1hYMEQ1NTdCWVRQOCc7Oj5BNTFMKUZJMVJKQkYmXzxMI1REJT1ESy1QP0RRMSk5Tz0KTS5FPSk.TSRbIjRHSkQsTDE1PyZLJDcsLlVUITMnRy08SVJLSCk4Qzk3KSs2MyonVyxOTzUoR19CIUlCXwo2QDMtOjEpVTNKNEwhR1JCLSkyJS07U1IkN05bR1UwYGAKYAplbmQK/gacctoid=17255670011/COBRAND_NAME=snapfishuk


  3. Nicola Holland

    A summer holidays book×12/cover=photo_cover12x12pmb/dustJacketLayout=photobooks_dustjackets_fullphoto_12x12/gauth=a_xfcc_xfco_xfcd_xfce_xfcREVTK001PjhDVT5WSl02UzExVTdBSFFNNVlHKig4TDpfPkI0WyxaTz8pVUtBXS1cI1REJT1ESy1QP0chOChLOFkKTSw.X04oQ0JGN1wuUV0tNl9ANEsjJCYlI1o5MyY_SzMkS0dYIjk_ODc0UD5bMC9UJC4oO19UOEVAOzNdSgo2P1tVSlVCMCQjLDA2TV1UTSc7X1MkUE5IKVVcRDxAYGAKYAplbmQK/gacctoid=23686757029/COBRAND_NAME=snapfishuk/productType=photobook/s_otsc=PREM/s_otsi=order/s_ev20=OTSC%7CPREM%7COTSI%7Corder/s_ru=FALSE/s_se=FDR



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