Tommy Tucker Popcorn review

I have received some free popcorn from Tommy Tucker to review. The boys love popcorn as their grandad sometimes treats them to a bag and I occasionally make my own from popping corn.

Tommy Tucker popcorn

Tommy Tucker is not a brand I had previously heard of but apparently they are the UK’s leading supplier of popcorn and confectionery to the cinema industry, producing 45+ million servings per year. And they have 100+ flavours in their range. Yes you read that correctly. I can’t even imagine that many flavours but their brochure goes from chilli & lemon to caramel summer fruits.

I’ve always thought popcorn to be a more healthy snack than crisps. And their brochure backs that up stating that Tommy Tucker only use the very best A grade corn, with natural flavourings and colourings and no GMO.

The four flavours I received are salted, sweet, sweet & salt and toffee. We got a thumbs up from all the family for all the flavours and you can see from the photos that we enjoyed snacking on the popcorn in a variety of situations. If I had to pick a favourite, I would say sweet & salt, but I liked them all.

Tommy Tucker popcorn

Tommy Tucker Popcorn

Tommy Tucker Popcorn great for an after school snack

Tommy Tucker Popcorn

Tommy Tucker Popcorn great for a snack in the car whilst waiting for your brother

Enjoying Tommy Tucker popcorn

Enjoying Tommy Tucker popcorn whilst watching a dvd

Enjoying Tommy Tucker popcorn

Enjoying Tommy Tucker popcorn in the garden

Tommy Tucker are shortly launching their online shop, so you’ll soon be able to purchase their tasty popcorn to enjoy at home as well as at the cinema.

And watch this space for details of a popcorn giveaway soon.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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