Heroes aren’t born, they’re made – more Sprükits

What makes a hero? You do.

Regular readers of my blog may remember how excited the boys were when we received four free Sprükits from Bandai last month for them to construct. I already blogged about the fun they both had constructing the level 1 kits.

Sprukits by Bandai

They have now moved up from level 1. Son2 got the level 2 Batman Dark Knight Rises whilst son1 got the level 3 Halo Master Chief.

Bearing in mind that son2 is below the target age 8+, he did really well. He assembled it in phases over the course of a few days. There were some bits where he asked me to help to put the pieces together and sometimes when I had to assist to undo pieces that were back-to-front. But I expect that may have possibly been my fault in the first place.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit toy from Bandai

Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit toy from Bandai

Son1 also took a few days, but he needed no help at all, even though this was the most complex kit of all.

Halo Master Chief Sprükit toy from Bandai

Halo Master Chief Sprükit toy from Bandai

They both had no trouble twisting the pieces off the Sprü this time, having learnt how to do that a few weeks ago with the level 1 kits.

We found that both kits had several spare hands in different positions, open and closed. These didn’t appear to be mentioned, but I think it is so they can be swapped, as currently the assembled models are holding guns.

These construction toys are recommended for age 8+ and they retail at amazon, argos, the entertainer, smyths, tesco and toymaster. Level 1 kits have over 30 pieces with an RRP of £8.99. Whilst the larger level 2 kits with 20+ moveable joints have an RRP of £15.99. And finally the most challenging level 3 kits have over 150 pieces with an RRP of £49.99. So something to suit all budgets. The full list of Sprükits is displayed in their catalogue. No cutting, painting or glue is required.

You can see the TV commercial here.

I have been very impressed with all the kits. The boys have had great fun building them and then playing with them afterwards. I consider that Level 1 and Level 2 kits are very good value for money, but in my opinion, the Level 3 is a bit over-priced.

And last time I hosted a giveaway courtesy of Bandai for a Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit, just like the one son2 has made. This has now closed and the lucky winner is Michelle P.

I’d love to hear what you or your family have ever made from a kit?

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.


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