Listening to Fun Kids Radio

My boys are really enjoying the latest website we have discovered – Fun Kids Radio. They hadn’t previously got into radio at all, as we tend to only have it on in the car, plus a few minutes at home when my clock alarm goes off. And since my choice of station is BBC local radio, they are not that interested. In fact I’ve taken to muting it when they are in the car with me, just to avoid the complaints.

Fun Kids radio

But when I showed them the website and they saw that there was a BeanoTown programme, wow you should have seen their reaction. They started listening to Beano podcast after podcast after podcast. They loved them. We haven’t managed to catch the live show yet, as that is at 8am on weekends.

They have always been keen on The Beano. You can see their video review of one of The Beano books here and a lovely drawing of Beano characters by son2 here.

The website details all the ways you can listen to Fun Kids Radio, so I chose to download RadioPlayer onto my phone. The boys now use my phone to listen to Fun Kids Radio in the car. And I have to admit, that I’m enjoying it too. And an even bigger bonus is that there is less bickering between them, as they are focussed on listening instead.

Plus the boys found some great competitions on the Fun Kids Radio. So keep your fingers crossed. They are hoping for a prize.

You can find FunKids on social media as follows:-

So have a listen to Fun Kids Radio with your children. I’d love to hear what they like best?

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Disclosure.  I will receive some free Fun Kids merchandise after this review is published. All opinions are my own. 

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