A visit to Corfe Castle Model Village

Son2 and I took a fairly brief visit to Corfe Castle Model Village on our recent weekend in Dorset. We would have liked to have spent longer there, but I was conscious of the fact that my other half and son1 were waiting for us. We liked it there and I’m sure son1 would have enjoyed it too, but he was far too tired to come on the visit. Having visited Bekonscot Model Village earlier this year, this was on a much smaller scale, but just as nice. Also a much more modest entry price, plus we were told that our tickets were valid for 7 days if we wished to come back. Corfe Castle model village The garden was divided into several areas. Naturally there were the models of Corfe Castle and the other buildings in the village. These were in the second part of the garden and son2 marched puposefully through the first section of the garden unti we reached this part. He immediately spotted that there was even Doctor Who’s Tardis at the Castle. There were two talking life-size soldiers guarding the castle. Plus working stocks and pillories. We didn’t try them out, as son2 had already been put in the stocks the previous day at the real castle. And we could hear music from the church. Corfe Castle model village We then carried on to the rear which was a wildlife garden with a pond and teepee and a bird hide window. Plenty of giant garden games here although we didn’t stop for a play. Then moving onto the side was the enchanted fairy garden. Son2 wasn’t as impressed here, moving swiftly past the fairies. Even Winnie the Pooh was here. Corfe Castle model village We then returned to the first part of the garden where there were more giant garden games. Whilst son2 built a tower, I went into the potting shed. This had been converted into a mini museum. I learnt that all the models apart from the castle had been built in the potting shed. The castle was built in situ on the mound. Corfe Castle model village There was also a cafe and gift-shop. And we had the place almost to ourselves, apart from one family sitting in the garden and a group breakfasting on the cafe terrace. A lovely place to visit if you’re in Dorset. I’d love to hear about your favourite places to visit. And watch out for another post coming soon about the rest of our weekend.

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4 thoughts on “A visit to Corfe Castle Model Village

  1. afamilydayout

    I remember visiting Corfe Castle model village years ago and loved it. Glad you enjoyed, I know my son would have hastened past the fairies too!



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