A trio of high protein meals – casserole, curry and paella

Do you eat plenty of protein rich foods or do you need a protein boost? I recently received some high protein sauces free to review from Blend Bros. These comprised a 990g tin of Mexican Pibil Stew flavour and two individual 55g serving sachets of Thai Jungle Curry and Spanish Tomato & Chorizo.

Blend Bros High Protein Sauce


Mexican Pibil Stew Protein

So let me share the recipes for the dishes I made using these high protein sauces.



Ingredients (serves 3)

700 ml chicken stock
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
1 55g sachet of Spanish Tomato & Chorizo
225g risotto rice
30g cooked shredded chicken
50g peeled prawns
60g chorizo
90g frozen peas


Defrost 2x 100 ml chicken stock and make upto 700 ml with boiling water.
Tip the protein sachet into a jug and mix in 150 ml boiling water.
Peel and crush the garlic.
Chop the chorizo.
Heat oil in a wok.
Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute.
Stir in the rice.
Stir in the sauce.
Stir in the stock.
Cook for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until most of the liquid is absorbed.
Add the chicken, prawns, chorizo and peas.
Simmer for about 5 minutes until the rest of the liquid is absorbed and the rice is tender.
Serve and enjoy.


Chicken and vegetable curry

Chicken & Vegetable Curry

Ingredients (serves 3)

1 medium onion
1 tbsp olive oil
1 55g sachet of Thai Jungle Curry
100g mushrooms
75g cooked shredded chicken
75g broccoli
250g potato


Peel and chop the onion and potato.
Slice the mushrooms.
Chop the broccoli including some stalk pieces.
Tip the protein sachet into a jug and mix in 150 ml boiling water.
Bring saucepan of water to the boil.
Add the potatoes and broccoli to the saucepan and par-boil them.
Broccoli will cook quicker than potato, so remove broccoli earlier with slotted spoon.
Heat oil in a wok.
Add the onion and cook for couple of minutes.
Add the mushrooms and cook for another minute.
Add the broccoli.
Add the potato.
Add the chicken.
Stir in the sauce.
Simmer for a few more minutes.
Serve with chappati or rice and enjoy.

thai curry

Lamb Casserole

Lamb Casserole

Ingredients (serves 2)

300g lamb
1 tbsp olive oil
350g potato
55g of Mexican Pibil Stew
1 large onion
150g carrot
25g samphire


Preheat fan oven to 160 deg C.
Heat oil in an ovenproof casserole dish on the hob.
Brown the lamb in the casserole dish on a medium heat.
Peel and slice the potatoes and carrots.
Peel and chop the onion.
Add the carrots, onions and samphire to the casserole dish.
Stir and then add the potatoes.
Tip the protein sachet into a jug and mix in 150 ml boiling water.
Add the Mexican Pibil Stew Sauce to the dish and stir.
Add extra boiling water to cover contents and mix through.
Cover casserole dish with lid and place in preheated oven.
Cook for about 90 – 120 minutes.
Serve and enjoy.

Mexican pibil stew

These high protein sauces are targetted at athletes, but as you can see from my tasty recipes, they are great for everyone. I could really have done with this a couple of years ago when son1 first returned home from hospital after his leukaemia diagnosis. The steroids were making him incredibly hungry, but at the same time one of the side effects of the very strong chemotherapy was that his mouth was very painful. So he couldn’t manage to eat any of his favourite foods like pizza and instead I was mainly feeding him soup at very frequent intervals. Some high protein sauces would have been very handy then.

Each serving contains 20g of pea protein. And the sauces are so simple to make. Just add 55g of the powder to 150 ml of boiling water.

The sauces currently retail at Amazon for £19.62 for a 990g tin or £12 for 8 individual sachets. This is very good value for money in my opinion, especially compared against other high protein foods. They are also available to purchase from MuscleFood and will shortly be available at Holland & Barrett. And I was pleased to see that they are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners. They are also low salt, reduced sugar, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Besides the three flavours I tried, other flavours in the range are Indian Kerala Curry and Sicilian Lemon & Oregano. I would love to try these too.

I’d love to hear what dish you would make with one of these sauces? You can see a few recipe ideas on the individual product pages on the Blend Bros website.

And if like me, you’ve never heard of Mexican Pibil Stew, then take a look here for more details. The original dish was prepared by marinating an entire suckling hog in Seville orange juice, wrapping the meat in banana leaves and slow-cooking in a fire pit.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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