A magical walk

This post has been pending since when we were on holiday last summer. We stayed on a static caravan site in Devon and when we went for a woodland walk on the site, we discovered something rather magical and unexpected. The boys were not interested but I loved these miniature fairy folk doors at the bottom of tall trees.

fairy doors

It was a trail. Here is one of the signs. I love how it asks are you a fairy or elf.

The Council of Five

There were lots of things to discover hanging in the trees too, but unfortunately they didn’t show up on the photos I took, but look at the fabulous toadstools. Not quite enough for a full fairy ring though.


So what have you discovered on a walk that you weren’t expecting?

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12 thoughts on “A magical walk

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are lovely! A bit of surprising artwork that still fits with its surroundings. I like the variety in the fairy doors.


  2. yoanniespratt

    I love little fairy doors – they always spark a bit of the child in me!
    Thanks for joining in and sorry it’s taken me an age to visit a flu filled family and new job has wiped me out time wise this past week – much love x



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