Mini Weekend Box review and free offer

Whilst it has been windy and cold outside, the boys have had some indoor activity fun today, courtesy of a free mini Weekend Box. This contained two activities, so son1 chose to make the parrot mask whilst son2 planted a rainforest.

Mini Weekend Box

Parrot Mask

Son1 did almost all of his activity alone, just asking for some help at the end to make holes in the mask for the elastic.

making a parrot mask

I wasn’t quite prepared for son2’s activity as it also required an empty plastic bottle with lid, but luckily we had some small bottles of lemonade in the cupboard, so he drank one first which I then quickly washed. I had to help out more with this activity, both for cutting the bottle in half and making a hole in the lid. But son2 did the important parts of activating the soil, threading the string and planting the seeds. And now he is waiting for his rainforest to grow.

planting a rainforest

The mini Weekend Box is a new addition to the Weekend Box range, aimed at those who don’t have time to carry out the full four activities. It retails at £4.95 compared to £7.50 for the Bumper Weekend Box, but still good value in my opinion.

Part of the magic is opening the box to find out what goodies hide within.

Opening the Mini Weekend Box

Opening the Mini Weekend Box

We have reviewed the Kids Weekend Activity Box a couple of times previously. You can see the fun we had before, on the following 3 posts.
Chinese New Year activities
Cooking Potato Boats and making 3D glasses.
Sand Art and making a bird feeder.

For those of you who haven’t come across it before, I’ll introduce you to Weekend Box which is a box containing Healthy, Green and Creative themed activities for your children delivered through your letterbox every fortnight.

Each bumper box contains 4 colour-coded activities, whilst the mini box has just 2 of these activities:
Something to COOK (a healthy recipe with accompanying secret ingredient)
Something to MAKE (a craft kit with all the materials required)
Something GREEN (some seasonal seeds to plant or something to make with recycling/rubbish material)
Something to EXPLORE (sensory exploration games, for example)

Each activity is designed to build sensory exploration skills with little ones aged 3-6 as well as help teach them about different life skills in a fun and engaging way. And the colour coding makes it easy for the children to match the packets to the instruction sheets. You also get stickers for completing the activities. And the inside of the box turns into a certificate which can be coloured in.

The boxes are sent out (with free delivery) in time for the weekend every fortnight and since everything’s included in the box, you can focus on spending time having fun with your little ones.

If readers of my blog would like to try out the Weekend Box, I have been given a unique promo code for you to get your first box for free (including free delivery).

The unique promo code is CLAIRE43 and can be redeemed at If you have any difficulties with the code, try signing up with this direct link

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Mini Weekend Box review and free offer

    1. mumjd Post author

      yes and our mini rainforest is still growing – looking at the leaf shape, I think it may possibly be tomato plants, so double bonus


    1. mumjd Post author

      Thank you so much for the nomination. That is very kind of you. In fact, my second nomination for this particular award. Here is my post from a couple of months back.



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