Gift ideas from toxicfox

I spent some time recently browsing around the toxicfox gift website. They have 1000’s of gift ideas from cheap and cheerful through to wedding presents plus personalised gifts and the exclusive Claireabella range which is taking the UK by storm. However my remit was to come up with a wishlist from both their funny and cheap gift categories. Well my parcel of free goodies has now arrived and I excitedly unboxed it, to see what they had selected from my wishlist.

toxicfox gifts

So I received the following three items free to review.
Coz-E-Reader – current RRP £19.99
My Pad Door Mat – current RRP £14.99
Star Wars Cup Gift Set – current RRP £5.99

These are all from the cheap gift category, where everything is under £20, but let me share a few things that I spotted in the funny gift category. There was the Yoda Lookalite Lamp, the Radioactive Toxic Laundry Basket and the Marge Simpson Washing-Up Sponge.

The coz-e-reader is fab, both to use on your lap or in bed. I was so comfortable that I am tempted to get my own iPad now, rather than just borrowing from my other half. You can choose from a range of fabric designs.

toxicfox gifts - coz e-reader

toxicfox gifts - coz e-reader

toxicfox gifts - coz e-reader

I am very pleased with the door mat which is now installed at my back door. My previous mat desperately needed replacing as it was starting to rot from being waterlogged. This one with its iPad logo gives an interest factor to a normally boring functional item. But it is smaller than a standard door mat.

toxicfox gifts - door mat

The boys are both big Star Wars fans, so son2 was very taken with the Star Wars Cup. However I may have to get another for son1. This came with 3 packs of mini cookies which the boys quickly polished off. The only very minor point against it, is that it takes ages to dry the straw after washing-up, so you can’t put it straight away.

toxicfox gifts - Star Wars cup

toxicfox gifts - Star Wars cup

So in summary, I am very pleased with items from toxicfox and highly recommend you take a look.

Plus I have a couple of special offers to share with my readers of 10% discount off your order. These are valid until the end of May.
Please quote the code FUNNY when you place your order from the funny gift collection.
Or please quote the code CHEAP when you place your order from the cheap gift collection.
The voucher codes are only valid on the cheap and funny collections.

I’d love to hear your favourite gift idea from toxicfox, so do come back and tell me, once you have had a browse round their website.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

22 thoughts on “Gift ideas from toxicfox

  1. mummydaddymia

    These look great and i havent heard of toxicfox before so i will have to check out their website. The Coz-E-Reader looks like something my toddler could use as she drives me mad when she drops my ipad whilst trying to watch something on it! 🙂



  2. Margaret Gallagher

    I must have a look at this site
    I definitely need a ipad holder
    Love your front door mat too
    Thanks for the discount codes too



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