Errors of Evaluation by Paola Pica

I have received a free e-copy of the book Errors of Evaluation by Paola Pica to review.

Errors of Evaluation

Here is the book blurb.

Francesca’s presence pervades the lives of those she meets. She leaves an indelible mark, the true nature of her personality revealed through other people’s encounters with her. Her boldness as a spoilt child. Her temporary (and just) suffering as the victim of a shrink – an ambiguous and even more unscrupulous person than her in grasping anything graspable. And the more than explicit revelation of her blind egocentrism, because of which she ignores the one person who has tried tirelessly to help her. Three very different characters tell the same story about the enigmatic woman who has entered the lives, each one illuminating who Francesca really is, from their own point of view. Each character has made an error of evaluation which they realise has prejudiced their lives and their relationships. An omniscient narrator will have the final say.

I have to say that I really struggled with this book. Firstly it tells the story from Francesca’s partner Marco’s point of view, a character I took an immediate dislike to. Secondly from her ex-husband Massimo’s point of view. And thirdly from her cousin Elena’s point of view, which seems to be over half the book. Although well written, the storyline did nothing for me, but I persevered to the end. I do like the cover though.

Errors of Evaluation is by Italian author Paola Pica and is newly available on Amazon, currently priced at £6.99 in paperback and is published by Clink Street Publishing. The story has been translated from Italian to English.

I’m participating in the blog tour for this book. Do take time to browse round some of the other posts.

Errors of Evaluation by Paola Pica

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Errors of Evaluation by Paola Pica

  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Well I’ll definitely give this one a miss! It’s good to read such an honest review. I must say I was confused even by the blurb. It needed to be written in much clearer language to be able to hold a reader’s interest.


  2. A S,Edinburgh

    The concept sounds interesting. I’m not surprised it’s a difficult read if the POV characters aren’t likeable though.



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