Oatly Foamable – an oat drink

I have received a carton of Oatly Foamable oat drink, free to review.

Oatly foamable oat drink

Having never been a barista, I wasn’t quite sure how to foam either milk or Oatly Foamable, or how foamy it should be. However I gave it my best shot, warming the Oatly Foamable in the microwave and then hand whisking it before pouring it into my coffee. The result was delicious. I really loved the oaty flavour and the best bonus was I didn’t need to add my normal half a spoon of sugar. The usual bitterness of coffee had disappeared. I have to say I preferred it to a coffee made with cow’s milk.

making coffee with Oatly Foamable

making coffee with Oatly Foamable

I also tried making a bowl of porridge with the Oatly Foamable. And I know what you’re saying. That porridge is oats anyhow, but I thought it would be a good pairing. And yes it was nice, but not a huge taste difference from using cow’s milk.

making porridge with Oatly Foamable

Now let me share some facts I’ve learnt about the Oatly Foamable oat drink.

  1. It is completely plant-based, so can be enjoyed by those with milk allergies as well as vegans. Also suitable for those with nut allergies.
  2. Production of this drink creates 69% fewer green house gas emissions than cow’s milk and 79% less land usage and 60% less energy usage.
  3. A long-life product which keeps in the refrigerator for upto 5 days after opening.

Oatly Foamable is available at Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and independents, currently priced at an RRP of £1.79 for a 1 litre carton.

And take a look at the Oatly website, to see some of their other products. I’ve got my eye on trying the Orange Mango Oat Drink next.

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Disclosure. This post is a review of a product I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.

27 thoughts on “Oatly Foamable – an oat drink

  1. Caro

    Froths brilliantly in a milk brother or blender. I’m just disappointed that Tesco is no longer stocking this particular brand (Foamable) due to ‘lack of demand’. I can’t understand why Nero, Costa, Starbucks and my personal fave Pret don’t use this as an alternative to dairy as there is zero flavour change to a ‘normal coffee’ as opposed to soya or coconut alternatives. This product needs more publicity – its fabulous!


  2. Samantha O'D

    Definitely worth a try, interesting to see about the environmental factor. It’s not something I have thought much about before



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