Spot the puppy

Over the years, I’ve read tales about Spot the puppy many times to my boys. A firm favourite. However they are now beginning to get a bit old for Spot. That didn’t prevent their eyes from lighting up when they saw me open a package containing a Spot book, glove puppet and bag which I had been sent free to review. I think it was mainly due to the puppet, as they are both cuddly toy mad. We have zillions of soft toys in our home.

Spot's lift the flap Peekaboo

I was planning  to pass all these lovely Spot goodies onto my niece, but first I had a bedtime read with son2 whilst he wore the Spot puppet. The book is called Spot’s lift the flap Peekaboo and we found Spot and all his friends hiding behind the flaps ready to play Peekaboo. Result is son2 is hanging on tight to the puppet, so that will be staying with us.

However I did email the Spot activity sheets to my sister and I’ve received some lovely colouring back from my niece and nephew. They had great fun doing it and just look at my nephew’s brilliant dalmatian sheep, who is even spottier than Spot!

Spot the Puppy

Spot the Puppy

This lovely board book is available on Amazon, currently priced at the RRP £7.99 and published by Puffin. I highly recommend it for all young children. It is a delight to watch their faces light up as they look behind the flaps as you read.
And did you know that Spot has a brand new website and has also launched an app this week. These are suitable for all ages from 0+. Loads of fun for just £2.99.

Spot's lift the flap Peekaboo

Eric Hill’s loveable puppy, Spot, has been an integral part of early childhood since he first appeared in the classic lift-the-flap storybook Where’s Spot? in 1980. A firm favourite with parents and pre-schoolers, Spot’s toddler-like behaviour introduces children to new experiences through friendship and play.

Spot is truly international and his adventures have been published in over 50 languages (including sign language and Braille editions) selling over 60 million books. 

I’d love to hear about your child’s favourite book.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

36 thoughts on “Spot the puppy

  1. Kathy B

    I absolutely loved the Spot books as a little one, and now can’t wait to introduce my little boy to them! Love that you had a hand puppet too!


  2. twotinyhands

    I love spot, I’ve not introduced him to my son yet, he’s 13 months, one to look out for soon! #weekendblogshare


  3. Sarah

    Awwwww! Spot! I used to love Spot! I had books, videos and a cute little toy of him.
    I completely forgot about him,and have not yet introduced Spot to my children!



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