Trick or Treat

Not long until Halloween and now that son1 has finished chemotherapy, the boys are looking forward to be able to go out doing Trick or Treat for the first time. So we were very pleased to receive a bundle of free Halloween goodies from Wilko to review.

Halloween - Trick or Treat

This is what we received.
2 Treat Buckets at 50p each
2 Pumpkin Sippy Cups at £1 each
Green Web with Spiders £1
Candyking Sharing Tub £4
Loot Scoop £3
Cauldron £6

Halloween - Trick or Treat

Now of course, you always need plenty of treats, since you don’t know how many children may come knocking at your door, so an 840g tub of sweets will definitely come in handy. At £4, it is very good value, at a lower price and bigger weight than similar size tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations or Cadbury Heroes. But one word of warning, once you have emptied the packets back into the tub, it does look half empty.

Halloween - Trick or Treat

And the boys naturally gave the sweets the thumbs-up.

Halloween - Trick or Treat

They then gave the loot scoop a try. But they both found it difficult to actually scoop up any of the sweets, although it worked fine to scoop up larger items out of a toy box. I would suggest just ignore the scoop functionality, as it doubles as a fantastic costume accessory and you can still use it to store your treats in the bag. It also comes in an orange pumpkin design.

However the boys plan to use the buckets for their treats rather than the loot scoop. Much easier to use and amazing value at 50p each which is a lot cheaper than when we buy similar size buckets at the beach. The buckets come in 3 colours / designs.

The boys loved the cauldron which is huge. They kept pretending to make and stir potions in it. I decorated it with the green spiders web, although this could be stretched much further across a big area like the front door. And we plan to put the cauldron on the doorstep next to the pumpkin at Halloween. You could even use it to offer your treats out in, if you’re planning to be generous on the treat front. Anything less would look lost in such a big cauldron.

Halloween - Trick or Treat

Now sweets can be thirsty work, so a welcome drink from the pumpkin sippy cups. I would say these are more aimed at younger children than my boys, but they are certainly cute. However a little awkward to fill and they don’t dry easily after washing. Also it advises that they are not suitable for hot drinks or microwave or dishwasher.

Halloween pumpkin sippy cup

Note if ordering online, you can’t choose your preferred colour / design for the treat buckets and loot scoop. So get down to your local branch if you want a particular colour or design. Also products are not suitable for children under 36 months. This includes the sippy cups.

In summary, I certainly recommend the Wilko Halloween range if you’re after a good deal.

I’d love to hear your favourite Halloween tales or traditions.

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Disclosure. This post includes a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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