Superhero Dream Team

My boys have been challenged to come up with their Superhero Dream Team which is right up their street as they are both big Superhero fans with loads of toys and books featuring the likes of Batman, Spiderman and Hulk.

So this is who they chose and why.

Spiderman because of his amazing webtastic skills.
Hulk for his amazing super strength.
Yoda because of his wise old ways even though he can forget them.
Harry Potter for his magical abilities.
Captain Underpants for being a super powered potty hero.

Spiderman and Hulk


Harry Potter

Captain Underpants

Regular readers may not be surprised that the boys mentioned Spiderman and Hulk first, as they have featured on the blog previously.

So I’d love to hear who would be in your Superhero dream team? If you need some inspiration, try comics as your starting point. There are lots of comic book collections on the invaluable marketplace.

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