Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer by Stuart Reid

I have received a free signed paperback copy of the book “Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer” by Stuart Reid for son1 to review. To find out more about the author you may visit his website.

Gorgeous George

Here is the book blurb.

If you don’t know what a jobby is the title of this book would be ‘Gorgeous George and the Power Pink Poo Pump’

George and Grandpa Jock are investigating the enormous piles of pink poo appearing around Little Pumpington. The circus is in town, the elephants are having tummy trouble and the monkeys are up to mischief. Crayon Kenny (when he’s not sticking crayons up his nose) has developed a craving for McDoball’s new burgers and their energy drink ‘Power Pink’ whilst Allison is doing her best to control the boys.

There’s pink poo, pumps and parades. Monkeys, mayhem and mysteries!

Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer

Any book that mentions poo, pee, farting or bottoms is a sure-fire winner with both my boys and I could certainly hear son1 giggling as he read this book. He definitely gave it the thumbs-up.

Here is son1’s video review.

Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer is available on Amazon, currently priced at £1.99 in kindle format. It is also available in paperback, but not via Amazon. There are 5 Gorgeous George books in the series, targeted at children age 8+. Son1 loved this book and wants to read Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator next.

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Family Fever

Disclosure. This post is a review of a book I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.

18 thoughts on “Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer by Stuart Reid

  1. Margaret gallagher

    Loving the sound of this little beauty
    My nephew’s started reading lots and I’m looking at recommendations that are fun


  2. Laura s

    HAHA oh my gosh- my daughter hoenstly finds anything about poop hilarious. i have no idea why LOL but she would love this book! thanks for sharing #readwithme


    1. mumjd Post author

      Same with my boys. Tonight I knew that son2 had hidden a whoopee cushion on my favourite chair, as he kept asking me when I was going to sit down whilst I was still doing the chores. So when I did go into the lounge, I made sure to not let on that I knew and sit down heavily so it really let rip. The boys were then in stitches of laughter

      Liked by 1 person


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