Painting with PlayColor

Bigjigs introduced Playcolor products to their range back in March of this year. It is the no mess
painting alternative and they sent me a free sample in red and gold for the boys to try out.

Play Colour

It has taken us a while to get round to trying it out, but last weekend son2 put Playcolor to the test.

Playcolor Metallic Solid Poster Paint

Son2 tested them out on his bear picture and we were both very impressed. It was easy for him to hold and use. It functions like a glue stick with a rotating mechanism and has a lid to replace after use. It dries very quickly on the paper and washes off his hands easily.

Playcolor Metallic Solid Poster Paint

So Playcolor has all of the benefits of poster paint but without any of the mess! No need for water or paintbrushes and doesn’t wrinkle the paper either. Quick drying and solvent free. The range includes paints for use on paper, cardboard, textiles, and even face paints.

A pack of 6 assorted 10g colours currently retails for £5.99. Good value in my opinion and ideal for school or home use. Suitable for age 3+.

And I have an offer to pass on to my readers – 10% off your next purchase of Playcolor at Bigjigs with discount code: “GBPC10PC”. This offer can also be redeemed on Amazon, so long as you select Bigjigs Toys as the seller.

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Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Painting with PlayColor

  1. Laura Corrall

    I love how bright they are and that it looks like paint. I know that sounds odd but since it looks like a glue stick I wondered if it would still look like a painting rather than an odd mix of felt tip or something along those lines.
    Great Review.


  2. A S,Edinburgh

    I hadn’t heard of these, they sound great! The colours are nice and vivid too, it’s good to know there’s no compromise on that.



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