My Cupcake Toppers – the easy way to an artistic cake

Although I love baking, I’m not very artistic when it comes to cakes for special occasions, so the answer seems to be cake toppers. I was therefore very pleased to be offered a free £15 voucher to spend at My Cupcake Toppers.

I had a browse round the site and there is something for everyone and every occasion. And if you require something bespoke, they also offer a design your own cake toppers service.

My Cupcake Toppers - Minecraft

Initially I was planning to choose some Harry Potter themed cake toppers, but I then suggested that son1 have a look round the site too and we ended up swapping to Minecraft. Even so, there were three different Minecraft ranges to choose from, so he opted for Minecraft Blocks.

Having chosen the theme, the next thing to select was the finish. Son1 left that up to me.

So I added the following items to my basket, which totalled a very reasonable £14.10.
1 7.5″ edible icing disc
1 set of 30 x 1.5″ precut premium rice paper
2 sets of 12 x 2.13″ precut premium rice paper

The checkout process was reasonably straight-forward apart from a system glitch which wiped out the shipping options, but Anna at My Cupcake Toppers soon resolved that for me. Checkout has functionality for you to add a note to your order, so I was able to request the large cake topper in the diamond design from Minecraft Blocks.

The toppers arrived the very next day, packed in a cardboard backed envelope. You can’t get quicker service than that.

Minecraft cake topper

So I used the edible icing disc on a large celebration cake. It was simple to cut out and apply using a few drops of water. The boys thought it looked fantastic. Also as far as I could see all the large toppers are circular. It would be nice if a few square options could be added to the range.

My Cupcake Toppers Minecraft Cake

For the rice paper toppers, I made iced cupcakes. I used the smaller ones on fairy cake size and the larger ones on muffin size. I’ve specifically avoided using butter in the recipes below, due to one child’s intolerance. If you wish to adapt the recipes to use butter, please note that you will probably wish to reduce the icing sugar to butter ratio.

My Cupcake Toppers Minecraft Cakes

My Cupcake Toppers - Minecraft


Ingredients (makes 24 fairy cakes or 16 larger)

200g margarine
200g caster sugar
4 eggs
200g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
few drops vanilla essence


Preheat fan oven to 180 deg C.
Place cake cases in muffin trays.
Cream together margarine and caster sugar.
Beat the eggs.
Mix in the egg along with a spoonful of flour.
Sieve and fold in the rest of the flour and the baking powder.
Stir in vanilla essence.
Spoon mixture into prepared cake cases.
Cook for 20 minutes in centre of pre-heated oven.
Allow to cool before icing.

Buttercream Icing

Ingredients (sufficient for 24 large toppers)

100g margarine
400g icing sugar
few drops vanilla essence


Cream margarine in mixing bowl.
Gradually sieve and mix in icing sugar, about 50g at a time.
Cream together margarine and icing sugar.
Spread on top of cupcakes.
Place rice-paper toppers on top of icing, pressing down well.
Serve and enjoy.

Minecraft cupcakes

My Cupcake Toppers - Minecraft

I did find that a couple of hours later, the rice-paper toppers don’t look quite so great as initially. Difficult to get round this, as unlikely to be able to serve immediately after icing the cakes. However all said, they are still far better than anything I could attempt to make and the children were all very pleased with the cakes. So I do recommend these toppers. Take a look at My Cupcake Toppers to find your favourite designs.

My Cupcake Toppers Minecraft Cake

And I have an offer to pass on to my readers of 10% discount off your first order at My Cupcake Toppers with code SINCERELY10

And if you live in the Glasgow or Lanarkshire area, I have some great news. You may also purchase cupcakes from sister company My Cupcake Heaven. Unfortunately for me, 100s of miles away, these are only delivered locally.

I’d love to hear about your favourite cake.

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Disclosure. I received a £15 voucher towards purchasing goods from My Cupcake Toppers. I only paid postage & packaging. All opinions are my own.

24 thoughts on “My Cupcake Toppers – the easy way to an artistic cake

      1. Margaret Gallagher

        With the weather being so rubbish weve decided on a baking day TOMORROW
        Never thought we’d have snow today !
        Sure the boys will have fun


  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are really cute! It wouldn’t have occurred to me that the designs wouldn’t last for a while, so that’s very helpful to know, thanks. They look really good as something different, though, and if it’s just a case of decorating them fairly close to the time they’re going to be displayed then that’s probably not too difficult for all but the largest batches. Great review!



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