Against Her Will by Peter Martin

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I recently reviewed and very much enjoyed A Sense of Discovery. The author, Peter Martin has now sent me a free e-copy of another of his titles, Against Her Will to review. To find out more about the author you may visit his website.

Against Her Will by Peter Martin

Here is the book blurb.

Rape is every woman’s worst nightmare, an act so vile, so devastating, it robs the victim of any sort of dignity, leaving scars that can last a. lifetime. Having family and friends rally round can make all the difference in the world. But without this support the victim may never fully recover. Donna is such a victim. When she is brutally raped, her life comes crashing down, bringing with it memories of an unhappy childhood. Having lost everything dear to her, she almost succeeds in making the ultimate sacrifice, but for a young male nurse, who slowly helps her come to terms with the past. Just when she thinks she’s over the worst, she makes a horrifying discovery that puts her in mortal danger.

Donna, a beautiful clever 22 year old was raped and brutally attacked on her way home from work by a man in a balaclava. Unable to help identify him and no matching DNA on police files, she lives in fear of him finding her again. Although her fiancée and parents try to rally round, they don’t seem to realise that they are trying to push Donna too hard. First she moves into the spare bedroom, then her relationship breaks down and unable to cope with returning to work, she quits her job.

When Donna starts self-harming, her parents pay for her to be placed in a hospital for the mentally ill. When an opportunity presents, she is on the verge of committing suicide, when Evan, a young male nurse persuades her back from the brink. Evan continues to go way beyond his job role to help Donna on the road to recovery.

I won’t say any more but this is a very powerful storyline. I enjoyed this book, although not quite as much as A Sense of Discovery, Peter’s latest novel.

Against Her Will is available on Amazon, currently priced at 99p in Kindle format or £5.31 in paperback. A great read with a real twist at the end. Highly recommended.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Against Her Will by Peter Martin

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    This sounds intriguing, and possibly a therapeutic read, if the subjects are handled well. I’ll look out for it, thanks for reviewing!



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