Boggle – National Board Games Week

Did you know that 8th-14th May is National Board Games Week 2017? For the second year running, Pork Farms have been hosting National Board Games Championships in micropubs across Britain with the grand final to be held at BeerheadZ Grantham on May 13th. Contestants have been battling it out at Boggle, Taboo, Monopoly, Jenga and Trivial Pursuit 2000s.

And families can get involved from home by downloading a free printable pack from Pork Farms website to help them plan a board games activity night, and then share a photo of their evening on social media for the chance to win a stack of board games and a year’s supply of Pork Farms pork pies.

We love playing games as a family, so we were very pleased to be offered the chance to choose one of the five Hasbro games for free. We opted for Boggle.

We had great fun playing this. We adapted the rules slightly so that the boys could score for all their words, whilst the adults had to stick to the proper rule of only scoring for those words that nobody else spotted.

Playing Boggle

The boys loved shaking the letters too.

Such a quick fun game. You can opt for a set number of rounds or first to a pre-specified number of points.

Playing Boggle

A dictionary was required to verify some of the more dubious word suggestions.

Playing Boggle

I’ve always loved the taking part element and remember fun time spent one lunchtime every week at my first job playing board games. One of my colleagues owned enough games to fill a whole wardrobe sized cupboard and would bring a different selection into the office each time. I think that was my first introduction to Taboo, one of the games mentioned above.

Both boys belong to Chess Club at school and son1 has qualified for the county Megafinal again.

Is there a game you would like to play? I’ve got Ticket To Ride on my games wishlist after trying it out at a café last year.

And I’m looking forward to attending the Board Games Championship Bloggers Event on May 6th. Watch out for my post on that afterwards.

I’d love to hear your favourite board games or your best memories of playing games. Son1 likes the Harry Potter version of Cluedo best whilst the Doctor Who board game is son2’s favourite.

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Disclosure.  This post mentions a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

17 thoughts on “Boggle – National Board Games Week

  1. Jez Overton

    Board games are wonderful for the family to do together. Thankfully there is a full on board game renaissance going on right now and the best of the new games are better than anything you could imagine.

    Games like Mysterium, Splendor, Colt Express, Sushi Go, Escape and One Night Werewolf have captivated our friends and family. They are gorgeous to look at and great fun to play again and again. There are also Board Game Cafes springing up all over the country to try these games out. Board games are cool again!


      1. Jez Overton is a nicely done UK site that covers modern board games. They have short videos on all the games above plus recent classics like Karuba and Sheriff of Nottingham.

        It’s also worth looking out for the ‘Spiel des Jahres’ award (that’s German for Game of the Year) which is a widely recognised award that’s given to the family game of the year. The 2016 winner was Codenames, a game that has gone down a storm with everyone I’ve seen play it. Many people say it’s the best word game ever made (and I’d be inclined to agree).


  2. Camie

    Board games are great family fun. Boggle is a good one. We love Scrabble, Clue, Doctor Who Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and we’ve been getting into this tile games called Carcassonne. I want to get the game Pay Day because that was one of my childhood favorites.



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