The Past is Present by Kathleen Webb plus giveaway

I have received a free e-copy of the book “The Past is Present” by Kathleen Webb to review. This is Kathleen’s debut novel.

The Past is Present by Kathleen Webb

Here is the book blurb.

After the untimely death of her mother and father, twenty-four year old Catherine Morgan leaves the Cambridge home where she has spent the better part of her life, to move to Cornwall. She takes a job as a teacher, working in an old rambling school which has been converted from a domestic home, perched high up on a hilltop, overlooking the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Out of the blue a letter arrives from a bank in Switzerland, advising Catherine that she is the sole heir to a fortune of over thirty million dollars. With no living relatives, save for a great aunt in the USA, Catherine sets out to uncover the source of this staggering inheritance, and to unravel the mystery that lies behind it.

With the help of her great aunt, Catherine begins to dig deep into long forgotten family secrets. Strange dreams begin to plague her. She is haunted by the eerie feeling that someone from her family’s past is trying to help her. Catherine must work to make sense of the past while defending herself, and her fortune, from someone in the present who will stop at nothing to secure the money for themselves.

I knew I wanted to read this book as soon as I read the words “family history” in the blurb. One of my favourite genres.

It starts in 2010 with Catherine getting a new job as a teacher in Cornwall. As we are introduced to Catherine, we discover that she has recently started to suffer from disturbing visions. It is as if someone is trying to tell her something. A house features in many of these dreams, but how can Catherine identify it?

We then move back to 1985 where we meet best friends Rachael and Susie who are about to start studying at Yale.

The story continues to move back and forth between 2010 and 1985. A few weeks later, Catherine’s only relative, Great Aunt Izzy arranges to fly over for a visit, but before she does so, Catherine receives a redirected letter. She can’t believe the contents. It is from a Swiss Bank about an account in her name valued at over $30m. She phones Izzy, who tells her the letter is genuine but that she can’t explain until she arrives, and to hide it as she could be in danger.

Lots more to come in this as we unravel al the strands of the mystery. I found it so gripping that I read the whole book in one day, although I have to say I wasn’t overly fond of the writing style.

This book is newly published on Amazon currently priced at £9.99 in paperback and is also available in Kindle format. A gripping read. Highly recommended.

About the author

Living in Hertfordshire, Kathleen Webb has always held a passion for writing and since retiring she’s finally found the time to realise her dream and complete her first novel. When not writing she can be found spending quality time with her grandchildren and children and baking delicious decorative cakes.

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The Past is Present by Kathleen Webb

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

32 thoughts on “The Past is Present by Kathleen Webb plus giveaway

  1. Carole Nott

    Great list with some of the best writers – difficult to choose an outright favourite but I would say JK Rowling just for her brilliant imagination

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  2. Candyfloss

    I like Victoria Hislop from the author list. I love books which switch time periods and The Island was inspiring. (Angela Kelly)


  3. lapsapchung

    Oooh I didn’t realise Clink Street had any recipe books – I spy an Indian one that isn’t in my collection – Perfectly Easy Indian Food by Shahnaaz Ayub.
    Jane Willis



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