Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets by Stuart Reid plus giveaway

Whilst we were in Edinburgh this summer, we enjoyed plenty of entertainment at the Fringe including Boogers, Books and Big Bottom Burps with best-selling children’s author Stuart Reid. Son1 was particularly delighted to see this, as he really enjoyed reading one of Stuart’s books “Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer” a while ago. And he was inspired to buy another of the titles “Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies” after the show.

I tweeted Stuart to let him know how much son1 was enjoying Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies, to which he offered us a free copy of his newly published addition to the series, “Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets”.

To find out more about the author you may visit his website.

Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trousers Trumpets by Stuart Reid

Here is the book blurb.

Pirates, parrots, pyramids and pants full of poo! Beans, boats and big bottom burps.

Have you ever wanted a book so exciting it keeps you up past your bedtime? A story so mad that you’re scared to put it down in case the adventure goes on inside the pages, on its own, even after you’ve stopped reading? Well, you’ve found it.
Grandpa Jock has made one of his world-famous killer curries using the magic beans that his grandson George swapped for a cow costume with a small leprechaun. Mad enough for you yet?
But now their bottoms are about to blow and these time travelling trouser trumpets just might transport Gorgeous George and Grandpa Jock anywhere. Or any when!
This book is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff – Who said that? – as the story loops and swoops and poops, and pops out to the shops, then meets itself coming back again.
Crayon Kenny and Allison are tracking down that mad leprechaun, there’s a talking parrot who never shuts up, and of course, there are two cute, fluffy, evil little kittens.
And bottom burps. Lots and lots of big bottom burps. So much wind that you’ll be glad that this is NOT a scratch and sniff book!

This is what son1 had to say.
This is a review for Gorgeous George and the timewarp trouser trumpets which is rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is is because books 📚 like these are hilarious for children. Comedy is one factor that makes a book brilliant.

Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trousers Trumpets by Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid has definitely come up with a winning theme of books, as far as my son is concerned, and most other children too I would expect. Not only are they hilariously funny, but they focus on poo, bottom burps or snot. Right up my son’s street! He is mostly a reluctant reader now, but these books have him fixated and giggling away.

This book has a fabulous crazy storyline which begins with George swapping his Grandpa Jock’s panto cow costume with Tiny Tom , the leprechaun for a handful of magic beans. Grandpa Jock throws the beans into the killer curry he is cooking. They eat the curry, but later with an enormous stinky bottom burp, Grandpa Jock vanishes into thin air. He rematerialises a few minutes later, declaring he has time-travelled. This sets the scene for their adventures.

Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets is available on Amazon, currently priced at £6.99 in paperback.  There are now 7 Gorgeous George books in the series, targeted at children age 8+. Son1 really loved this book and gave it the thumbs up.

Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trousers Trumpets by Stuart Reid

Plus I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a paperback copy of Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets to 1 lucky winner.
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Disclosure. This post is a review of a book I was sent for free. All opinions are mine and my son’s own.

27 thoughts on “Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets by Stuart Reid plus giveaway

  1. Tina Hewitt

    Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer is the latest favourite, my granddaughter changes her favourite every time she reads one


  2. sarahmo3w

    My son and I read the first two Gorgeous George books when they came out and found them very funny. He’s 15 now, so our Gorgeous George days are over, but good to know the books are still going strong!


  3. Hayley F

    I think my nephew would like Gorgeous George and the Jumbo Jobby Juicer as it’s just the sort of thing he’d chuckle at while reading x


  4. Susan B

    Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator sounds especially interesting. The illustrations are sensational in the whole series.



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