Viscount of Vanity by Tammy Andresen – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book Viscount of Vanity by Tammy Andresen to review.

Viscount of Vanity by Tammy Andresen

Here is the book blurb.

She’s a woman in need of a dashing rescue…

Miss Gabriella Winston finds herself on the auction block, about to be sold into marriage. That is until a stunning stranger swoops in and saves her. He’s kind and handsome and her relief would be complete if he didn’t propose rules along with marriage… He’ll need one heir and then they’ll go their separate ways. It’s a tempting offer but no one in her life has ever really loved her. If she accepts, she’s giving up any hope of ever having her own happily ever after.

He’s broken inside…

The Viscount of Vanity has a secret. He spent his youth fighting a disease he was certain would consume him. Only by the most disciplined of behavior has he overcome his childhood illness, but not the heartache that came with it. No matter how tempting her beauty, he can’t allow his control to slip and fall in love with Gabriella. Losing his heart could mean risking his life.

But when she is threatened by the very family that should love her, he can’t help but rush to her rescue. And the discipline that’s always kept his life in order, it’s slowly slipping away.

This is book 13 in the ongoing Lords of Scandal series. The connection this time is that Austin, the Viscount of Vanity is one of the co-owners of the gaming Den of Sins. And of course some of the other characters from previous titles feature too.

Currently, Austin is staying at his friend Chad’s, (the Baron of Blasphemy from book 12), country estate, where he has been persuaded to save the beautiful Miss Gabriella Winston from her father’s abhorrent plan to sell her in a marriage auction to clear his drinking and gambling debts.

They are total strangers so how he is going to achieve that? By offering a much higher price than anyone would be able to bid and marrying Gabriella himself.

Is this a good plan or not? What about his health? What does Gabriella think to the rules he imposes? And will Gabriella’s father agree and leave Gabriella be?

An interesting forward where Tammy describes her personal reasons for creating a hero who has previously suffered life-threatening asthma attacks.

Viscount of Vanity is available on Amazon in both Kindle format and paperback. Another nice light short romantic story from Tammy.

About the author

USA Today Bestselling Author, Tammy Andresen lives with her husband and three children just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up on the Seacoast of Maine, where she spent countless days dreaming up stories in blueberry fields and among the scrub pines that line the coast. Her mother loved to spin a yarn and Tammy filled many hours listening to her mother retell the classics. It was inevitable that at the age of 18, she headed off to Simmons College, where she studied English literature and education. She never left Massachusetts but some of her heart still resides in Maine and her family visits often.

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