Regardless of the Consequences by L D Lauritzen – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an ebook I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book Regardless of the Consequences by L D Lauritzen to review. You may find out more about the author on his website.

Regardless of the Consequences by L D Lauritzen

Here is the book blurb.

Sheriff Lance Tallbear’s half-blood Apache heritage leaves him struggling to find his place in a world where neither white nor Indian wants or readily accepts him. He faces the world his shaman father turned away from and acknowledges the one his shaman grandfather prays he’ll return to.

Tallbear’s new case uncovers a mysterious plane wreck discovered in the Superstition Mountains that turns out to stir both his life decisions and ultimate direction. Along with his troubled FBI partner, Brad Hanley, they face a myriad of obstacles in their journey to the truth.

The skeletons at the site hold the clues to not only who the killers were but also why the people died. Tallbear quickly find the crash site hides a deadly secret that reaches out of the distant past to threaten the lives of all who seek it. He will need to use all his skills and experience to discover the answers and stay alive.

The story set in Arizona starts at Hawk’s cleansing ceremony by introducing us to Sheriff Lance Tallbear who is torn between his police career and family duty as the heir-apparent to his Apache shaman grandfather Gray Eagle.

But not long after Hawk discovers a hidden plane containing corpses, in the Superstition Mountains, which has crashed long ago. The case ends up with Tallbear who discovers that the crash victims have been shot.

The story then jumps to California. Meanwhile Thomas Kane from the CIA and FBI Agent Brad Hanley want in on the investigation. Who has jurisdiction? Why are they interested in deaths over 50 years ago? Tallbear refuses to hand over the case to Kane but finds an ally in Hanley.

Plenty of twists and turns in this page turner as the victims are identified and we get introduced to more characters. Secrets abound. More deaths follow. Culture is woven in.

Regardless of the Consequences is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats. A compelling read indeed..

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4 thoughts on “Regardless of the Consequences by L D Lauritzen – book review

  1. sarahmo3w

    This sounds like a very interesting read. I do like books which have different cultures as part of the story, because it’s something new which I don’t know about!



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