A Snowfall Sleigh Ride for Lady Serena by Katherine Ann Madison and Maggie Dallen – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book A Snowfall Sleigh Ride for Lady Serena by Katherine Ann Madison and Maggie Dallen to review.

A Snowfall Sleigh Ride for Lady Serena by Katherine Ann Madison and Maggie Dallen

Here is the book blurb.

Hunting the hoyden…

The Earl of Rushton is in need of a wife and Lady Serena requires a husband. This ought to be a simple arrangement. And yet…how is a man supposed to court his potential bride when he can’t even find her? Rush always thought he’d marry for love like his parents, but love won’t save his estate from ruin. And so here he is, playing a game of cat and mouse with the headstrong young lady who’d agreed to be his bride during one fateful sleigh ride. He ought to move on, find a lady who’s not intent on leading him on a wild goose chase. And he would, except…he can’t. Because the more he learns about his mysterious bride-to-be, the more he finds himself enchanted. Is it possible that a marriage of convenience could be something more? Possibly. But he’ll have to catch her first.

She’s caught in a trap…

Lady Serena didn’t exactly lie when she’d told the Earl of Rushton she would marry him. She just hadn’t thought it would ever come to pass. After all, everyone knew he was supposed to marry her sister. Even when that agreement fell through, she felt certain he would find some better alternative. He’s looking for a proper countess, and no gentleman would wish for the free-spirited, irrepressible Maxwell sister for that role, even if her dowry is substantial enough to save his estate. But the kind, handsome earl is also surprisingly persistent. Not to mention cunning. A man determined to woo her with dancing and flowery praise, she could easily deflect. But when he offers to take her shooting and leaves her breathless with his kisses…it’s not just her freedom she’s in danger of losing. Now it’s her heart on the line.

This is the third title in the Seasons of Love series, but also works perfectly as a stand-alone read. Each book features one of the Maxwell sisters as the heroine and all have been set at their aunt’s winter houseparty. This time it is Lady Serena’s turn to star.

Just like the title, the story starts with Lady Serena sharing a sleigh ride with Lord Rushton in the convoy of sleighs. But she is bored. She would much rather be galloping on the horse than being pulled along by it and the man next to her is even more boring. She is even more horrified when she realises he wishes to court her rather than one of her sisters.

Rush wanted to marry for love, but his estate needs a dowry urgently. But where is Lady Serena after agreeing to his marriage of convenience. Hiding in the woods, practising her archery of course.

Is really going to work? What do they really want? Can they come to an agreement?

A Snowfall Sleigh Ride for Lady Serena is available on Amazon in Kindle format. Once again a nice light romantic read from Katherine Ann Madison and Maggie Dallen.

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