May It Please The Court by Daniel Maldonado – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an ebook I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book May It Please The Court by Daniel Maldonado to review. You may find out more about the author on his website.

May It Please The Court by Daniel Maldonado

Here is the book blurb.

After a Sweet Sixteen ceremony, Reyna Clifton – the mother of the birthday girl – is found severely injured at the bottom of the grand staircase of the Regal Phoenix Resort and Spa.

The Clifton family blames the resort for Reyna’s fall, and sues for negligence. Daniel Mendoza and his firm are called in to defend the lawsuit, but when Mrs. Clifton is found dead in her hospital room, Daniel’s suspicions arise.

With the help of his legal team and a private investigator, Daniel is determined to find out what really happened to Mrs. Clifton. But who would have wanted to murder her, and is there some other foul play involved?

The book is mainly set in the US, but with a strong Puerto Rican culture running through it. The story starts at a “Sweet Sixteen” party held at the Regal Phoenix hotel for Alejandra, daughter of Reyna and Anthony Clifton with lots of family and friends there. However I found this party to be so unrealistic that it put me off the book before I had even got into it. I have never come across anyone who spends a fortune on such a glitzy affair which is more choreographed than most people’s weddings. And when I was that age, there would have been no way I would have wanted my friends to meet my immediate family, let alone my other relatives.

But to give it the benefit of doubt, perhaps this type of party is typical of Puerto Rican customs, as the author goes into a lot of descriptive detail on the dances and cuisine. Or maybe it is a US thing which hasn’t made it over to this side of the pond.

The second chapter didn’t help to put me in the mood for this book when the reader is introduced to Dana, Anthony’s old girl friend from years ago, who wants him back. I would have been siding with the strangers who didn’t believe Dana needed her dog to be categorised as an “emotional support” dog.

Plenty going on at the party from stolen kisses to outrage to tears to secrets. And then disaster as Reyna falls down the stairs and is badly injured.

Weeks in hospital. Can things get worse? In a word yes!

We’re already about a quarter of the way through the book before we get introduced to Daniel Mendoza who you would assume to be the main character, being named on the cover. Daniel has been hired by the hotel chain to defend against a negligence claim.

So was the hotel at fault or was it something more sinister?

May It Please The Court is available on Amazon in paperback, hardback, ausiobook and kindle formats. A legal thriller which sadly did not hit the spot for me.

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2 thoughts on “May It Please The Court by Daniel Maldonado – book review

  1. Daniel Maldonado

    Thanks Claire for blogging about my first legal thriller, May It Please The Court, My second legal thriller, The Fleeing Felon, is available and addresses some of the concerns you mentioned about a slower start. I’m in the process of writing my third legal thriller entitled The Mendoza Memo. This is the book blurb:

    “ Attorney Daniel Mendoza returns with his trusty private investigator, Pamela Williams. This time he is in London working on a royalty case involving a miracle drug licensed from Arizona.

    When a witness mysteriously falls ill during a deposition and later dies, it is only the beginning of bizarre events happening in London, Arizona, and other places associated with the lawsuit.

    Putting themselves in jeopardy, Daniel and his legal team must solve why strange events keep happening while litigating the case. Are they a coincidence or are they related to the royalty litigation in Arizona? “

    I’ve written about half of the novel. Hopefully, it will be available by the middle of next year.



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