Beyond Invisible by Marjorie Jackson – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I downloaded for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book Beyond Invisible by Marjorie Jackson to review.

Beyond Invisible by Marjorie Jackson

Here is the book blurb.

After tragedy and illness brought Amber and Missy together in Being is Better, the girls, now in high school, continue their journey to unravel the mystery behind Missy’s brother Frankie’s Army enlistment and the cause of his death.

Meanwhile, both girls experience first love, and Amber supports Missy, who continues to resent her father and struggles to accept his new girlfriend.

Will they be able to discover the reason for Frankie’s sudden enlistment, and when misunderstandings loom, will their still-new friendship survive?

This is the second and final title in the Better Together series. I was really looking forward to reading this as I thoroughly enjoyed the first book Being is Better.

Once again the format follows alternating chapters between Amber and Missy, who having ony met in book 1 are now firmly best friends. The book works as a stand-alone read but best read as a series in my opinion. For those who haven’t read the first title, the background is that Amber suffers from epilepsy and Missy has struggled to come to terms with her brother dieing in Afganistan.

The girls have now just started high school. The story begins with Missy’s hated father asking her to fly for a visit this weekend. She only agrees if Amber can go too. However there is a but – the purpose of the visit was to meet her father’s girlfriend Mona. This really winds Missy up, but meanwhile Amber spots a cute guy Dev working in a cafe.

The girls initially start to bond with Mona but on their next trip some big bomb-shells are discovered. How will they deal with these?

Beyond Invisble is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. A fantastic sequel as the girls deal with emotional situations. Sadly there won’t be any more books in this series as the author succumbed to her battle with cancer last year.

About the Author
Somewhat of a late blooming author, Marjorie “Marji” Jackson wrote her Better Together Duology in her fifties. In addition to being a devoted wife and mother, she was a passionate crafter and volunteer.

She lived with her family in beautiful, rural Colorado amongst the deer and the antelope, before succumbing to a rare breast cancer in January 2021, which she had fought for two years with grace.

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