Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons – book review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of an ebook I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I have received a free e-copy of the book Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons to review. You may find out more about the author on her website.

Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons

Here is the book blurb.

When Madeline checks on her seven-month-old daughter, she discovers the reason for the baby’s silence. Abigail is dead. Madeline is soon living every mother’s worst nightmare amid a cacophony of sirens and police interrogations.

Accusations and old resentments can’t stay contained under the pressure of guilt, tears, and the horror of picking out a baby-sized coffin. A line is drawn through Madeline and Brian’s marriage, and a battle begins.

But defining heroes and villains is as difficult as untangling the truth from the web Madeline and Brian have created to protect themselves. Abigail’s killer isn’t the only monster hiding in the shadows. And among the dark secrets, everyone will crumble under the consequences.

It is too quiet, as the story begins at night with the awful death of baby Abigail. But as if that is not enough tragedy both her parents Madeline and Brian are under suspicion of murdering their beloved daughter.

They are interrogated separately and Madeline reveals a dark secret. Where does this leave her and Brian? And who is following her now? Who is on her side and who is not? Is she going crazy? And what about when her estranged mother turns up?

The story is told in 4 parts, firstly by Madeline, then by Declan, a friend of Brian’s, then by Brian and finally by Odette, Madeline’s mother.

The emotive subject matter of this psychological thriller makes it difficult to read. But at the same time, it is hard to put down, plus has a very unexpected surprise ending.

Whispers of Innocence is available on Amazon in paperback, audiobook and kindle formats. A dark suspenseful intense read with plenty of twists and turns.

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