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Beef Koftas with a Yoghurt Dip ad

Britmums have challenged bloggers to take the #MeatMatters Challenge to cook a quick and easy (under 30 minutes) beef or lamb dish. And as one of the first 100 to sign upto the challenge, I received a free £10 Tesco giftcard to purchase ingredients.

Recently I’ve been buying my meat from the local butcher instead of the supermarket in an attempt to reduce my plastic waste. The butcher wraps the meat in paper rather than plastic. However on my previous supermarket visit, I did find that Tesco offered to wrap deli items in paper rather than plastic, when I asked if they could put them straight in my cool-bag. This was much better than Sainsburys who had previously refused under “health and safety” grounds.

So I was hoping that paper would also be an option on the fresh meat counter in Tesco too. However I was unable to put this theory to the test, as unfortunately the counter was empty due to a “technical” issue at the store. So I had to resort to the meat aisle with all its plastic.


I had been mulling over a few recipe ideas involving different cuts of meat, but in the end, bearing in mind that the remit was to cook a meal in under 30 minutes, I opted to buy beef meatballs. Yes I could have bought mince and made my own meatballs, but that would have taken longer to prepare. Also the meatballs were already seasoned, saving a bit more time.

And rather than just cooking son2’s favourite spaghetti and meatballs, I decided it was time to try making something I’ve never made before, namely koftas.

Beef Koftas with a Yoghurt Dip

Beef Koftas with a Yoghurt Dip

Ingredients (serves 4)

Pack of 24 meatballs
150g natural yoghurt
2 tsp chopped mint
10g cucumber


Assemble 3 or 4 meatballs onto a metal skewer, tightly together.
Repeat with all the other meatballs.
Place all the skewers onto a George Foreman grill and cook for 10-12 minutes, rotating the skewers by 90 degrees halfway through, so that all sides are cooked evenly.
Alternatively cook under a standard grill, but you will need to rotate them 3 times.
Meanwhile chop mint and dice cucumber finely.
Spoon the yoghurt into a large ramekin.
Stir the mint and cucumber into the yoghurt.
Serve, with your choice of accompaniments.

Beef Koftas with a Yoghurt Dip

I chose to serve this with couscous and a simple lettuce and carrot salad. The couscous was made with stock and seasoned with turmeric, ground coriander, salt and pepper.

A very healthy meal as any fat from the meat drains out from the grill. Very tasty and so quick and simple to make. Thumbs up from all the family.

This dish could easily be made using lamb meatballs instead.

And did you know the following:

  • Beef / lamb are naturally rich in protein
  • Lamb provides four essential vitamins* that help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Beef is a source of iron which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Lamb provides seven vitamins and minerals** that support good health and well-being
  • Beef provides eight essential vitamins and minerals*** that support good health and well-being

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This post is an entry for the #MeatMatters Challenge, sponsored by Simply Beef and Lamb. Learn more about the benefits of cooking and eating beef and lamb along with recipe ideas and inspiration here!

Disclosure. This post mentions products I purchased using a giftcard that I was sent for free. All opinions are my own. This post is classed as an advert because of the requirement to include the #MeatMatters hashtag.

High Protein Snacks review & giveaway

My other half announced a few months ago that he wanted to eat less carbs. I’m now finding it quite challenging to come up with meal ideas for the whole family as the boys’ favourite meals are pizza and pasta, so carb loaded. And since they tend to turn their nose up at a large piece of meat or fish, I usually stick to cooking what they enjoy. So my poor other half ends up more often than not with a plate of carbs. And if he chooses not to eat it, there is unlikely to be an alternative prepared.

So I was pleased to receive a box of high protein snack packs, free to review from Top Herd Snacks.

Top Herd High Protein Snacks

I received 1 each of the following varieties.
Tangy Tomato Beef Jerky
Smoky BBQ Beef Jerky
Sweet Pickle Beef Jerky
Honey Mustard Pork Jerky
Zesty Lemon Turkey Jerky
Chilli & Lime Turkey Jerky
Tomato & Paprika Skinny Salami
Chilli Pepper Skinny Salami

Son2 as usual was very skeptical and refused to taste them, but the rest of us tried every variety and gave them a thumbs up all round. I liked all of them, but my favourite is the Honey Mustard Pork Jerky. I did find that the salamis are very chewy, but there is a warning on the packet stating that the snack is only suitable for strong teeth. Meanwhile son1 liked both the salamis best, whilst my other half opted for the same as me – the Honey Mustard Pork Jerky.

These snacks are all high in protein ranging from about 38g – 50g per 100g depending on the variety. They are also gluten free and made from 100% natural ingredients. Another big plus point is that they are long-life products which do not need to be refrigerated.

At present, these snacks are only available to purchase via the Top Herd website, but they plan to be in supermarkets later this year. They are sold in packs of 8, either 8 of the same type or a mixed flavour bundle, currently retailing at £15.92 which equates to £1.99 for each individual 35g packet of jerky or 40g packet of salami. I highly recommend that you give them a try. I’ve already placed my first order and can say that checkout was simple.

top herd jerky & salami snacks

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a mixed flavour bundle of 8 high protein snack packs courtesy of Top Herd to one lucky winner. A yummy prize.

comper friendly badge

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear your favourite savoury snack?

And finally I have a new discount code FS0250 to share with my readers which will give you 50% off one mixed flavour bundle pack of Top Herd Snacks. Valid until 21st February.

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Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Slow Cooker – Beef Curry

I kept seeing lots of very tasty sounding slow cooker recipes online last year, so I decided to put a slow cooker on my Christmas wishlist and my sister kindly bought me one.  I’ve used it twice so far.  One was very simple – gammon which I soaked overnight first to remove some of the salt and then I just covered it in water and slow cooked it for 7 hours. The other was a beef curry and I’ll share the recipe here with you now.

Beef Curry

Beef Curry

Ingredients (serves 4)

450g diced stir-fry beef
2 cooking apples
400g tin of tomatoes
2 medium onions
1 carrot
1 large potato
3 mushrooms
75g sultanas
3 tbsp plum chutney
1 beef stock cube
400ml boiling water
3tsp madras curry powder
3 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice


Peel and chop the onions and potatoes.
Peel, core and slice the apples.
Peel and slice the carrot.
Remove the cooking pot from the slow cooker and place on hob.
Add oil and heat gently.
Add apple and onion and fry until soft.
Meanwhile tip the plain flour into a flat dish.
Add the beef and turn several times until it is fully coated in flour.
Add beef to cooking pot and fry gently.
Crumble the stock cube into a jug and add boiling water.
Stir until dissolved.
Add stock to the cooking pot.
Drain excess juice from tinned tomatoes and chop roughly.
Add carrot, potatoes, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, sultanas, chutney and lemon juice.
Stir in the curry powder.
Place the cooking pot into the slow cooker base and cover with lid.
Cook for about 6 hours on medium.
Serve with rice and enjoy.

beef curry

If you have made more than is required, allow to cool, then spoon individual or double portion size volumes of the curry into freezable foil food containers.  Don’t forget to label with contents and date. You can always increase the amount for bulk cooking.

Beef Curry

I had been hoping to receive some free English Provender Chutney for the 2016 Jar Amnesty but I guess I wasn’t one of the successful applicants. Instead I took a look at their website and my recipe was inspired by the English Provender Plum & Bramley Apple Chutney.

You can see from the ingredients list that I used plenty of plum chutney to give my curry a zing. This was a jar of homemade plum chutney, purchased from the WI Country Market which had been hiding at the back of the fridge. I had been challenged to use up condiments lost in the back of my fridge for the #JarAmnesty. And I included a couple of apples for it to match my inspiration.

plum chutney

I’d love to hear what is your favourite slow cooker meal?

Update at 14:30 1st Feb.
I have just now received my 2 free jars with less than 3 hours until the competition closing date, so glad I went ahead with my recipe before this, but here is a photo of the Apple, Pear & Fig Chutney and the Wholegrain Mustard with Fig & Honey just received. I’m looking forward to coming up with some more recipes using these.

English Provender Chutney

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Disclosure. This post is an entry into the #JarAmnesty Challenge with The English Provender Co and Foodies100