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A new lease of life for calendars

I’m a firm believer in upcycling, reusing and recycling where possible, so when my mum said she had bought a packet of 2015 calendar tabs and did I want some, of course I said yes please. Just what I needed to give a new lease of life to some of the lovely calendars that the boys have made.

upcycled calendar

originally made for 2012 by son1

upcycled calendar

originally made for 2013 by son1

upcycled calendar

originally made for 2014 by son2

These calendar tabs are available in packs of 10 for just £1 from docrafts, a company that I have reviewed products from on several occasions.

calendar tab

Regular readers of my blog may remember my earlier reviews of docrafts products. I’ve had fun making Christmas decorations, a Roald Dahl decoupage card and gift labels previously.

The docrafts website has loads of creative inspiration for crafting projects, plus a wide range of products for sale. It also has a busy crafting forum. Do take a look.

Disclosure. This is NOT a sponsored post. My mum purchased this product. All opinions are my own.