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Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel

We have received a free e-copy of the book Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel for son2 to review.

Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel

Here is the book blurb.

Join Anna and Evan on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts.

This engaging and educational book is ideal for young children to encourage curiosity and interest in the natural world and science.

Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel

I liked that the book 📚 featured science,🔬 although the story was a bit dodgy, I liked the book 📚 overall.

The comment above is what son2 has written for his review. I quizzed him on what he meant about the story being a bit dodgy, as he had been very pleased to see his favourite penguins on the first page. Apparently it is because he didn’t think the magic was spectacular enough and that Charles Darwin wasn’t at all surprised when 2 children just arrive. You can tell he is older than the target age for the book, looking beyond what he actually sees on the page.

Son2 has already learnt who Charles Darwin is at school but the book is written in a style so that the story flows easily for younger children who haven’t heard of Darwin yet, with a biography about him at back.

The story starts at the zoo where Anna and Evan are curious about the differences between some species. They then whisper the magical words that send them off on their adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin. He does eventually answer their original question but not before sharing lots of other nature facts. I even found out things I didn’t know!

This short picture book has been beautifully illustrated by Karin Eklund and includes helpful labels against the creatures. And there is also a dictionary at the end explaining words used in the book like camouflage.

Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin is available on Amazon, currently priced at ÂŁ9.99 in paperback and is also available in kindle format. Suitable for a wide age range. A fascinating book to read out loud to your child or for them to read themselves, which gives a great introduction for children to nature and science.

Writing of this book was supported by the L’Oréal UK and Ireland For Women In Science Fellowship. More details about the book are available here https://www.ch.cam.ac.uk/outreach/anna-evan-meet-charles-darwin

About the authors

As a young girl, Dr. Tanya Hutter couldn’t imagine that she would end up being a leading scientist in nanotechnology and chemical sensing, and a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Currently, she lives in Cambridge with her husband and their two curious children that inspired the book.

Lina Daniel has been always interested in science and medicine, eventually becoming a chemist and a pharmacist, and currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. With her husband, she is raising three enthusiastic boys. They all share a passion for scientific experiences, engineering novelties, fun historical facts, travels and adventures.

Tanya and Lina have been close friends for over two decades. The fact that they are both raising young children enhanced their desire to encourage kids to learn about science, and finally, drew them to write their first illustration book for small children. Hopefully, this will be the first one in a series of books about notable scientists and engineers.

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Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are mine and my son’s own.