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Bahlsen chocolate biscuits plus giveaway

There were huge smiles on the boys’ faces when they watched me open this parcel. It contained nine packets of Bahlsen biscuits free to review.

Bahlsen biscuits

I received a packet of each of the following Bahlsen products.
Choco Leibniz Caramel
Choco Leibniz Chocolate Orange
Choco Leibniz Dark Chocolate
Choco Leibniz Milk Chocolate
Choco Leibniz White Chocolate
PiCK UP! Black ‘N White
PiCK UP! Choco & Caramel
PiCK UP! Dark Chocolate
PiCK UP! Milk Chocolate

I’ve previously purchased Choco Leibniz Milk Chocolate several times but all the other varieties are new to me and I see from the packaging that the PiCK UP! Black ‘N White and PiCK UP! Dark Chocolate are new to the range too.

The PiCK UP! range contain 5 individually wrapped bars, which comprise a real bar of chocolate sandwiched between 2 biscuits. Ideal for a snack to give the boys when I pick them up from school. Meanwhile the Choco Leibniz range contain 9 unwrapped biscuits, which comprise a biscuit set against a bigger bar of real chocolate, to store in the cookie jar at home. And both the Choco Caramel varieties have that extra yummy caramel filling too.

We’ve been trying them out over the last couple of weeks and we have differing opinions as to our favourites, but consensus that we love them all. My personal favourite is the PiCK UP! Milk Chocolate.

Bahlsen biscuits

However there were a couple of breakages and the chocolate on a few biscuits was a little melted plus the caramel ones were oozing, but I assume this may have happened in transit as I always find the sorting office very hot whenever I go to collect mail. So hopefully shouldn’t experience this issue when you purchase in store. Certainly I haven’t in the past when I’ve bought Choco Leibniz Milk Chocolate.

Here is a larger photo of the worst affected packet.

Bahlsen biscuits

Bahlsen biscuits are stocked in most major supermarkets. My local branch of Sainsburys is currently retailing the Choco Leibniz at £1, normally £1.50 and the PiCK UP! at £1.60. They will certainly be going on my shopping list.

Win Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway 5 packets of biscuits courtesy of Bahlsen to one lucky winner. That is one each of the Choco Leibniz flavours. A yummy prize.

comper friendly badge

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear your favourite biscuit.

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Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.


Honeycomb is the bees knees!

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed that she uses an ancient health treatment in which she is voluntarily stung by bees. Not something I would fancy, but I do appreciate bees for everything honey related. So I immediately said yes when I was offered the chance to sample some Mighty Fine Honeycomb for free.

Mighty Fine Honeycomb

I received a Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bar, but the boys had their eyes on it too, so I ended up cutting into 4 pieces, so we could all have a taste.

It was delicious, a very tasty treat, but the others all said it was very similar to Crunchie apart from being coated in dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. I can’t comment on the comparison myself as I haven’t had a Crunchie in years. But I have found out that Crunchie doesn’t actually contain honey, whilst this product does. In fact, this is all natural ingredients and handcrafted.

Mighty Fine Honeycomb

Pity there wasn’t some more, as I would have liked to experiment using it in a dessert recipe.

This product currently retails at £1.79 for a 50g bar and is also available in 90g and 220g gift packs. I highly recommend it. Do take a look at the range to see the other flavours.

I was also pleased to see that they donate 5% of profits to Friends of the Honey Bee, a campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association to halt the decreasing number of Britain’s honey bees and other pollinators and build a better future for them.

The range is available to buy in-store at Harvey Nichols and at various local shops and delis, as well as online at www.mightyfine.co and www.notonthehighstreet.com.

I’d love to hear your favourite sweet treat.

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Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Chocolate Cake

My other half’s favourite cake has always been chocolate cake ever since childhood. However I haven’t tended to make it very often, as his mum used to make one and bring it on every visit. But as an afternoon tea treat, I decided I would make him one. Unfortunately I seem to have lost my grandma’s Devil’s Food Cake recipe which was the delicious version I always used to bake as a teenager and none of the recipes I see online are quite how I remember it. So instead I have opted to bake a plainer chocolate sponge cake, which my other half will probably prefer as he doesn’t like very much icing, which the Devil’s Food Cake would have had lots of.

Devil's Food CakeDevil's Food Cake

Chocolate Cake

150g margarine
150g light brown sugar
2 large eggs
150g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder
milk to mix

250g icing sugar
100g butter
50g cocoa powder


Preheat fan oven to 160 deg C.
Grease and line a 20cm round cake tin.
Cream together margarine and brown sugar.
Beat in the eggs.
Sieve and fold in the 2 tbsp cocoa.
Sieve and fold in the flour.
Add sufficient milk to give a dropping consistency.
Spoon mixture into prepared cake tin.
Cook on middle shelf of preheated oven for about 25-30 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.
Allow to cool.
Turn out of tin.

Allow butter to soften at room temperature.
Cream butter in a bowl.
Sieve in the icing sugar gradually, mixing as you go along.
Sieve in the 50g cocoa.
Mix together until smooth.
Spread over the top of the cake.
Serve and enjoy.

As mentioned my other half doesn’t like too much icing but if you prefer you can make a larger quantity and slice the cake in half and fill with the additional icing. That would be my personal preference for my sweet tooth.

His verdict. A very tasty cake. Thumbs up.
devils food cake

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Disclosure. This post is my entry to the Great Denby Cake Off Competition.

Personalised Gift Solutions review and giveaway

Two weeks to go until Father’s Day. And we’ve now got an extra gift ready for Dad. This time it is a personalised bar of milk chocolate, which we received free to review from Personalised Gift Solutions.

Personalised Father's Day Chocolate gift

Their website including checkout was easy to navigate. We chose what words to personalise both the front and reverse of the chocolate bar wrapper. There is a generous limit on the number of characters, upto 10 for the banner, plus upto 20 below. You can choose upto three lines of 20 characters each on the reverse, although we opted for two lines only. It doesn’t have to be for Dad. Perhaps you might wish to send one to Grandad.

Personalised Father's Day Chocolate gift

The chocolate retails at £6.95 for a 100g bar, with free delivery in the UK. Obviously you can get a standard bar of chocolate in the supermarket much cheaper, but you’re paying for the personalisation. A nice gift in my opinion.

I can’t tell you what the chocolate tastes like yet! We’ve hidden it away until Father’s Day. It looks very tempting though and I am a fan of Tatty Teddy.

The product was shipped 5 days after placing the order, but that did encompass the Bank Holiday weekend. It was well packed and there was a fragile label on the reverse of the package. However I don’t think my postman had spotted it, as he had posted the chocolate through the letterbox.

Let me tell you about some of the other Personalised Gifts they sell. There are more Me to You Tatty Teddy products, a great range of Disney Books, Football gifts and lots more. They are a new small family run business specialising in creating and selling high quality personalised gifts.

Do take a look at their full range of Personalised Gifts. There is plenty of choices to suit everyone.

Personalised gifts Disney Books

A few of the personalised Disney books

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a personalised Disney book courtesy of Personalised Gift Solutions to one lucky winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear what Personalised Gifts you would choose?

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Family Fever

Disclosure. This post is a review of a product I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.