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Time for an Essential Teatox Detox plus giveaway

It’s that time of year when coughs and colds abound as the weather starts to get colder. Plus there is the knowledge of the impending excesses of Christmas looming. So for the last two weeks, I’ve been doing a detox with Essential Teatox. For this, I received a free 14 day supply of Essential Teatox teabags to review.

Essential Teatox detox programme

The Essential Teatox 14 day programme consists of 14 detox teabags to take daily soon after you wake up, plus 7 cleanse teabags to take on alternate days, a few hours before bedtime.

I started my Teatox programme to coincide with my night shifts, as this is when I most need a pick me up to give me extra energy.

Essential Teatox is branded as supporting weight loss, helping to detox the body and increase energy. It also recommends that it is at it’s most effective when combined with regular exercise, eating the correct food and looking after your body.

By starting it to coincide with night shifts, certainly meant I didn’t give it the best chance of hitting it’s most effective potential as exercise and healthy eating both went out the window. It was mainly toast and ready meals, and I only managed to fit in a couple of 10-minute runs between my pm cleanse tea and bed. I was much more disciplined on the second week with both food and exercise.

Teatox detox tea

However even those short bedtime runs show how it had increased my energy. Normally I’m barely back in the house after a nightshift before I’m straight into bed. And I lost the extra kg of weight that I had put on during half term without any effort, back to my usual weight with no feeling of bloatedness. I found I was sleeping better and less headaches too. So thumbs up for Teatox on night shifts.

I let the tea brew for 2 minutes and found the flavour of both am and pm tea to be very pleasant. Slightly sweeter than I expected which I assume was down to the Stevia Leaf, a zero calorie sweetener. I’ve never sweetened my tea, but I’m sure that is a big plus for those of you who do. And I loved the hint of mint.

Here is a list of the Teatox ingredients and their benefits. They are all 100% natural ingredients.

– Lemon peel – Helps to decrease cholesterol, improve bone health and detoxify the liver!
– Fenugreek – Helps to reduce inflammation within the body.
– Ginger – Helps to soothe the digestive tract and helps to relieve conditions that cause bloating.
– Gymnema – Is known to lessen the cravings for sweet foods and help to regulate an excessive appetite. It also helps to reduce sugar absorption during digestion to promote normal blood sugar levels.
– Juniper Berry – Aids in digestion and relieves symptoms of bloating and water retention. Juniper is also a diuretic, which helps to flush out toxins.
– Oolong Tea – Can help to reduce inflammatory disorders, high cholesterol and stress. It has been known to help maintain healthy skin and bones as well as aiding in weight management.
– Peppermint – Has a refreshing flavour and helps to relax the intestinal muscles.
– Red Raspberry – Includes vitamins and minerals to burn fat.
– Sarsaparilla – Contains antioxidant properties and plant sterols beneficial to good health. Flavonoids are also present and help to treat autoimmune conditions and inflammation.
– Liquorice – Is known for reducing stress. It also helps to fight against tooth decay, as it has antibacterial properties.
– Stevia Leaf – Is a 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener which also helps to lower blood pressure.
– Dandelion Leaf – Contains potassium and is also a diuretic which helps to support kidney health.
– Burdock Root – Is good for protecting the liver and detoxifying blood.
– Triphala Powder – Assists natural internal cleansing. It helps to nourish and rejuvenate the tissues and supports healthy digestion and absorption.
– Red Clover – Is a natural blood purifier.

A 14 day supply of Essential Teatox currently retails at £19.99 which is less than £1 per cup for the 21 teabags.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a 14 day supply of Essential Teatox to one lucky winner.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear your favourite tea.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Gadgets for a healthy lifestyle

Want some ideas of what to buy for Christmas for the person in your life who is into following a healthy lifestyle? Then read on to find out about two gadgets, I received free from Ozeri to review.

Firstly the pedometer. Currently retailing on Amazon for £39.99 direct from Ozeri or cheaper deals from alternative stockists and available in black or yellow.

Ozeri pedometer

I’m well acquainted with wearing a pedometer as every two years we take part in the GCC at work for 100 days. It is a fun challenge aiming at a daily target of 10,000 steps and you track your steps across the world. This year I was our team captain.

However I’ve only had basic pedometers previously. This one had a lot more functionality. Firstly I had to program it with my weight and stride. I had no idea regarding my stride length, but the instructions gave a top tip of measuring the distance over 10 steps. From this I estimated my stride to be about 70 cm. You also program it with the date and time, since it has the memory to retain the last 7 days data. And to choose between measuring in km or miles.

For the 7 days of historical data, you can view the following options:- steps, kcal, distance, time spent walking and average speed. I found this very interesting.

There is also a split mode, but I didn’t make use of this functionality. However the instructions indicate that this can be used to count the steps for an event or the number of steps between 2 points, by resetting the interval.

The pedometer also has a back light if you wish to view your steps in the dark.

The one thing it didn’t have that I would have liked was a belt clip. However the instructions did indicate that it would still accurately measure your steps from in a bag or pocket. It was provided with a lanyard but I found this too fiddly to attach.

However all said, I love this pedometer. So much better than the basic ones that I’ve used previously.

Ozeri pedometer

Ozeri pedometer

Secondly the blood pressure monitor. Currently available on Amazon for £24.95, reduced from £69.99.

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

I was thinking this would be great for all the family but the instructions advise it is only suitable for adults. It is important to read all the guidelines in the instruction booklet before use. So just like when your blood pressure is taken at the doctor’s, it has a cuff to wear, but this one goes round your wrist. Once you’re wearing it, press the power button to switch on, ensure your arm is in the correct relaxed position, then press the start button.

The cuff then automatically inflates and on completion your blood pressure will be displayed on a colour coded screen. As you can see mine is green, indicating normal blood pressure. The results are stored in memory and you can scan back through upto 1197 previous measurements. These can be shared between upto 3 different users. It is also able to detect an irregular heartbeat.

It has a convenient storage box and is battery powered. The unit comes with a 5 year warranty.

A nifty little gadget in my opinion.

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

I’d love to hear what gadgets are on your Christmas wish list.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.