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Mock Crab recipe

This is a recipe that has been passed down at least 3 generations of our family.  It is called Mock Crab, because it supposedly looks like crab, although I can’t confirm this, as I’ve never cooked crab.  It is actually an egg recipe and is very tasty and quick to make, enjoyed by adults and children.  Our family has it at least once or twice every month.  And when I was a child, my mum always used to make it for our supper when we got home from holiday after a long drive.


4 eggs
1 tin of plum tomatoes
25g butter
100g grated cheese
Salt and pepper


Strain the juice from the tomatoes and chop.
Beat the eggs.
Melt the butter in a pan.
Add beaten eggs and chopped tomatoes.
Season with salt and pepper.
Add grated cheese, when egg mixture is starting to set.
Continue to cook until fully set.
Serve hot on toast.
Any leftovers can be served cold in a sandwich.

mock crab mock crab

This post is an entry for the #eggmainsinminutes Linky on BritMums, sponsored by British Lion Eggs.  You can see more egg recipes on the Main Meals in Minutes site www.eggrecipes.co.uk/mealsinminutes.

I don’t know anybody else who is aware of this recipe but as this page gets the most hits on my blog, I assume some of you have been searching for Mock Crab. Do tell me why and where you first heard about Mock Crab. I’m wondering if it is perhaps a regional recipe like my Floddie?

From comments so far, it seems to usually be a recipe remembered from years gone by.

And I’d love to hear your favourite egg recipes too.

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