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Peanut Butter and Date Breakfast Bars

Regular readers of my blog may remember that having received 12 free jars of Sun-Pat peanut butter, that I promised to share an energy boosting breakfast bar recipe. Well, here it is. Nice and healthy before we hit the excesses of the festive season.

Peanut butter and date breakfast bars

Peanut Butter and Date Breakfast Bars

Ingredients (makes 9)

150g Sun-Pat peanut butter
150g dates
150g oats
10g chia seeds
10g linseeds
About 200ml boiling water
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda


Preheat fan oven to 180 deg C.
Line a 20cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper.
Chop dates and place in basin.
Add bicarbonate of soda.
Add sufficient boiling water to cover.
Leave for 15 minutes, then strain, reserving the liquid.
Place peanut butter in mixing bowl.
Add dates.
Add chia seeds and linseeds.
Mix in oats along with 2 tbsp of the reserved liquid from the dates.
Put mixture into the tin, pressing down into the corners.
Cook in preheated oven for about 25 minutes until golden brown.
Leave in tin for 10 minutes, then turn onto cooling rack.
Once cool, cut into 9 squares.
Serve and enjoy.

Delicious and just what we needed for a quick energy boost ready for parkrun. And it must have done the trick, as son1 achieved a personal best for his run today.

Peanut butter and date breakfast bars

I’d love to hear your ideas for a recipe using peanut butter?

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Family Fever

Disclosure. This post mentions a product I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.


Realise your dream

Regular readers of my blog will know that son1 finished chemotherapy in the summer. He is now trying hard to build his stamina up by participating in parkrun and he has even got me running. Both of us are right at the very back of the field. I think I’m actually running slower than I walk but I never imagined that I would ever run. And I’m even going out for short 10 minute runs alone, so the bug must have bitten.

parkrun wristbands

Son1 is really proud of the two wrist bands that he has earned so far from junior 2k parkrun in which he has now cumulatively run more than the equivalent of a marathon. But he has a dream to get a milestone t-shirt for running 50 of the 5k parkruns. He has run 13 of them so far and should have already got a 10 parkruns milestone t-shirt but it seems to be permanently out of stock in his size.

But we both need plenty of energy for all this running. And as I’ve just received 12 free jars of Sun-Pat peanut butter to review, I was going to come up with an energy boosting breakfast bar recipe. However that will have to wait for a later post, because I have a time-critical competition to tell you about but no time for cooking this weekend whilst I’m working night shifts.

Sun-Pat peanut butter

Do you have a dream you’d love to make a reality? Perhaps abseiling down Big Ben, swimming in Loch Ness, afternoon tea at the Ritz.

Sun-Pat is offering you the chance to realise your ultimate ambition and make your dreams come true for a day. They are running a Fuel Your Dreams competition to help two people experience their dream for a day alongside Olympic hero Adam Peaty and TV presenter Helen Skelton! But be quick. it closes on November 16th.

See http://www.sunpat.co.uk/fuelyourdreams for full details.

Sun-Pat peanut butter

Sun-Pat peanut butter is a natural source of protein, naturally high in fibre, made using 95% peanuts and suitable for vegans. Meanwhile since it is marketed as being great for maintaining energy, I’ve experimented making a peanut butter hot chocolate drink to keep my energy up whilst working night shift.

Peanut butter hot chocolate

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Ingredients (serves 1)

3/4 cup milk
1 tbsp Smooth Sun-Pat peanut butter
2 tbsp dark chocolate chips


Fill a large cup, three quarters full of milk.
Place in microwave for 90 seconds, (based on a 900W microwave).
Stir in the peanut butter and chocolate.
Mix well.
Top up with additional milk if desired.
Place in microwave for further 60 seconds, in 30 second bursts, stirring well at halfway point.
Stir well, checking that peanut butter and chocolate are fully dissolved.
Serve and enjoy.

Absolutely delicious. And of course I had a tasty slice of peanut butter on toast too.

Peanut butter hot chocolate

Sun-Pat peanut butter is available in Smooth or Crunchy varieties at most major supermarkets, currently retailing at around £2.79 for a 454g jar. Well worth a buy in my opinion either for cooking or just as a tasty spread.

I’d love to hear your ideas for a recipe using peanut butter? Or your dreams?

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Family Fever

Disclosure. This post is a review of products I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.

Peanut Hottie review

I have been sent a free new drink to try – Peanut Hottie. I received a full size 260g pot, two 20g individual sachets, a packet of vegetarian marshmallows plus a few accessories to set the scene, namely a fan, ice cubes, a bottle and straw.

Peanut Hottie drink

I love the name Peanut Hottie, but it is even more versatile as this peanut butter flavour drink can be consumed hot like hot chocolate or cold as a milkshake. Peanut Hottie comes in two flavours – Peanut Hottie and Chocolate Peanut Hottie.

Now peanuts seem to be something you either love or hate. I’m definitely in the love camp, but the boys aren’t quite so keen. They refused to try the Peanut Hottie drinks, but I’ve seen some great recipes on the Peanut Hottie website, so I’m planning to try making some Peanut Hottie pancakes. Let’s see what they think of those.

Peanut Hottie drink

But first I tried the Chocolate Peanut Hottie hot, for which you just need to add hot water. Tasty and only 83 calories per mug.

Peanut Hottie drink

Secondly I made a milkshake, mixing 3 teaspoons of Chocolate Peanut Hottie with 200 ml cold semi-skimmed milk before serving with the provided straw. Slurp slurp. Even more tasty and still only 130 calories. And less than 100 calories if you use almond milk instead.

Peanut Hottie drink

I liked the richness of the milkshake, so I then experimented on my next hot drink. This time it was one of the individual sachets of Peanut Hottie flavour and I made it with 2/3 hot water, topped up with milk. Yummy. I’m not calorie counting.

Peanut Hottie is available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Booths and Waitrose, currently with a RRP of £2.99. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial additives or colours. The Peanut Hottie flavour is caffeine free although the Chocolate Peanut Hottie flavour is not.

In summary, I really recommend both flavours of Peanut Hottie. I liked them equally.

I’d love to hear if you have an idea of something to cook using Peanut Hottie.

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Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.