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Little London Adventures & Cockney Curiosities by Clare Newton

I have received a free e-copy of the book Little London Adventures & Cockney Curiosities by Clare Newton. To find out more about the author you may visit her website.

Little London Adventures & Cockney Curiosities by Clare Newton

Here is the book blurb.

Artist and photographer Clare Newton rediscovers and records the faint remnants of old London, only made visible when lit by a fleeting low winter’s sun. These images are the conduits through time, analysing the sometimes uncomfortable balance between a struggling heritage to exist and the insatiable appetite of modern regeneration. But deep inside East London also lies a Victorian era. The mother of inventions, which not only stimulated change across the world then but even now their lingering artefacts and sayings effect us even in today’s hi-tech social world.

Strange but true stories that explain how and where artefacts have come from. Including the roots of ‘Sarcasm’ or the colour purple, both invented in the east end. Or how Shoreditch got its name.

This book arose after many previous years exploration for a large exhibition displayed before the Olympics in London, called Riches Uncovered. The facts of which will be made into a series of photographic studies for all to enjoy and smile over.

I was intrigued what I would find in this book, as I have ancestry from East London. My great grandmother was from Bromley by Bow. Her father was a potter who I believe may have worked at Bow Pottery on Three Mills Lane. From maps, I am aware that the street they lived on, no longer exists, the houses having been demolished to make way for the Blackwall Tunnel.

Clare Newton has followed exactly the same premise, by photographing the area before it again changed forever with all the new build for the 2012 London Olympics. And she shares with us the origins of a Cockney and coster-mongers, along with some Cockney slang. I now know that Alfred Hitchcock was a Cockney and I’ve been introduced to Duckett’s Canal and Merry Jane of Shoreditch along with lots more.

The photography is excellent and the topics are all well researched. And I’m glad to say the Blackwall Tunnel gets a mention too.

Little London Adventures & Cockney Curiosities is available on Amazon, currently priced at £20 in hardback. The photographs and stories have been woven together brilliantly. A highly recommended book.

About the author

In 2001 Clare Newton was awarded the British Female Inventor of the Year, and she has received 5 international awards for innovation.

Born in London, her creative talents were expressed at a young age, first painting her bedroom to building wooden aeroplanes. But when she was given her first camera, a little Minolta, at the age of 14, it inspired her to build a dark room in the roof of her parents’ house, where she taught herself how to shoot and develop photographs, with neighbours encouraging her with small commissions. She took a degree in art and design in East London and worked as a Graphic & Interior Designer for many years. Photography really took off for her when the Olympics came to London. She made her first large photographic installation in 2009, ‘Riches Uncovered’, a collection of photographic montages to explain and document East London’s disappearing heritage. After this first project she went on to produce numerous extraordinary community art projects, involving hundreds of children and adults. The resulting photographic montages were displayed outdoors in unexpected public places, encouraging all to take part, share and learn about local heritage. Clare believes that it is through the passion of creating participatory public projects, that art can positively affect people in different and personal ways, even drawing communities together.

Clare’s next endeavour was to create Jump4London – the World’s Longest Photograph, with 5,000 people taking part, who appeared to jump simultaneously. Two meters high and one kilometre in length, it was printed on 2.5 tons of specialist photographic material, and documented an important piece of London’s history as people celebrated the 2012 Olympic Games. It made a Double Guinness World Record as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s World Record London.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Travel Your Way

Rhino Car Hire are running a photography competition based around modes of transport and how you travel, whether by road, air, rail or sea.

I had a look through my albums and although I’ve been inter-railing and on various types of boats and even taken a helicopter trip, I seem to have taken very few transport photos myself.  Mostly I seem to be in the shot, but here are some on the theme that I have taken.

Travel By Road

I took this photograph on holiday in The Gambia.  Traffic in Banjul was at a standstill, due to the sheer numbers of pedestrians who had just disembarked from the ferry, which had come across the River Gambia from Senegal.  I hadn’t seen anything like it before and was amazed.  We didn’t take a ferry trip, but did go on a tour boat another day on the River Gambia.

Travel By Rail

This is the most recent of my four photographs and is of the miniature railway at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  My children saw Santa there last Christmas on “Thomas the Tank Engine” train.  I have photos of that, but I preferred this one, where my family are shrouded in the steam.

Travel By Air

I remember exactly when and where I took this photograph. It was the day of the general election in 1997, when Tony Blair became Prime Minister. We were on holiday in Cornwall and we took a day trip to St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles. This photograph was looking out through the aeroplane window.  I got sunburnt that day and ended up with sunstroke later, shivering whilst watching the election results start to come in on tv.

Travel By Boat

I took this photograph walking alongside the canal in Bruges in Belgium.  We were there for a long weekend and it was lovely to watch the boats go by.  This particular barge was incredibly long.  And Bruges is the only place I have seen bridges of this design too.

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