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Preserving Photographic Memories ad

So the end of summer is now upon us. We’ve been away on two holidays to Spain and Edinburgh, plus had plenty of fun days out.

Throughout it all, I’ve been snapping happy memories with my phone. I always upload my pictures to my computer, but what happens after? A few get shared on Facebook or Instagram. Some get chosen to be made into Christmas cards or fridge magnets to be sent to other family members. And of course, I have my own selection on my fridge, along with our photo table mats and mugs. I even used to have a fab photo phone case, but haven’t got around to ordering a new one since it wore out.

What about the rest of the images that did not make the cut? Will these photographic memories never get the chance to see the light of day again, languishing on the hard drive or a USB stick? You might have a lovely picture of little Johnny at school sports day, but you couldn’t share it on Facebook for relatives to see because there are other kids in the picture, what with all the privacy rules.

So I was delighted to be contacted by Nixplay, who offered me the opportunity to review one of their digital photo frames for free. This could be just the answer.

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame

Nixplay sent me one of their Seed frames and it arrived in just 4 days. I was pleased to see that it comes in a sturdy box, and that it is available in a choice of 4 colours and 4 sizes.

I received the 8 inch blue frame. It comes with an attached USB cable, a remote control and a two-part power plug that allows the user to switch between UK 3-pin or European 2-pin.

However once I started the set-up process, the frame kept switching off at inconvenient moments. In the end, I put the USB cable into a different plug which worked perfectly, so the plug must have been faulty. Luckily I encountered no such issues with the frame itself. The instructions were simple to follow, with the main points being to give it access to my Wi-Fi and to set up a Nixplay account to link my frame to.

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame

I’ve only tested it with a few photos so far, most of which were downloaded from my computer. I also tried downloading one directly from my phone using the Nixplay app. I soon realised it was better to keep portrait and landscape photos in separate playlists, so as to fill the entire frame. The frame is easily turned between portrait and landscape as it only uses the cable for balance, no additional back support required.

Aside from the infrared sensor between the frame and the remote, the frame also has a motion sensor that enables it to switch off when nobody is in the room. You can set the time-lag on this, as well as the time periods. I set it off between 23:00 and 07:00 hrs. I couldn’t see any details on the instructions regarding the type of battery in the remote or how to replace that when necessary.

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame

The best part is the frame’s scope. A single playlist can contain up to 1000 photos. You can link multiple frames to the one account, so you could buy frames for other family members like your grandparents. Think of the benefit of a frame like this if someone were away from home for a long period, like when one of my sons was an in-patient at the hospital back in 2013 after his leukaemia diagnosis. Everything can be managed remotely, so all they have to do is watch. It’s great for keeping them up to date with the children’s progress, especially when they don’t tend to see them very often.

I could even use it for long-term projects like scanning my old pre-digital photos before the colours deteriorate further and loading those into playlists. It would be nice to show the boys some of the countries we visited on holiday before they were born.

Also, when I was a child, my Dad took all his photos on slides, but he has now gotten rid of his projector and large screen, which we used for viewing his images. So another long-term project could be to send those slides somewhere to be converted into a digital format and saved onto a memory stick. I can then upload these into playlists, which I can display on my Nixplay frame. There are lots of photographic memories that my parents would like to see again. We’ve even got some old family photos from the 1800s – just imagine watching those on a Nixplay frame!

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame

The Nixplay 8 inch Seed Frame currently retails at £129.99 / $139.99. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 1-year warranty and free shipping. A great way to view your memories, in my opinion, as well as a fabulous gift idea!

Now I just have to work out what other functionalities it has. I’ll try uploading videos onto my frame next. I’ve even heard that you can ask Alexa to manage your frame, too Wow!

You may see more details about Nixplay on their website. The Nixplay digital photo frame range is available to purchase from their online shop or from Amazon.

I’d love to hear what you do with your favourite photographs.

There is a version of this post on the Nixplay blog here.

Disclosure. This post is a review of a product I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.
This post is classed as an advert because my content has been checked by Nixplay.

Picstick photo magnets review and 25% discount offer

I recently received a code to order 9 free personalised photo magnets from PicStick. It took some deliberation to decide which of my many favourite photographs to choose, but eventually I was ready to upload my choices to PicStick.

My photographs were all stored on my computer but it says that you can upload from your computer, tablet, phone, Facebook account or even from Dropbox. You do need to create a PicStick account to get started. And it was then a simple process to upload to PicStick. Then you click on one of your photographs and choose whether to crop it or rotate before saving to the photo magnet sheet. You also have the option of not using the photograph if you wish to change your mind. Repeat until all 9 slots are full on the photo magnet sheet. I chose 9 different photographs but you can use duplicates if you wish.

Then add the photo magnet sheet to your basket. Again you can order multiple copies of the same sheet or you can create additional sheets. Checkout is easy with payment options via card or paypal. Your uploaded images remain in your account if you wish to reorder again at a later date. And dispatch was amazingly fast. I received my photo magnet sheet in less than 48 hours.

PicStick personalised photo magnets

PicStick personalised photo magnets

PicStick personalised photo magnets

PicStick personalised photo magnets

A sheet of 9 personalised photo magnets retails at £9.50 or $14.99 and shipping is free. You may select to pay in either currency.

I was really pleased with these photo magnets. The sheet easily separated into the individual magnets and they stuck on my fridge beautifully. The boys enjoy rearranging the display. I think the price is fantastic value at just over £1 per magnet. And they are thin enough to slip inside Christmas Cards to send to other family members.

And I have an offer to pass on to my readers – 25% discount off PicStick personalised photo magnets with code: “MUMJD25”. So with the discount, you can have a sheet of PicStick personalised photo magnets for just £7.13 and the discount may be applied across a purchase of multiple sheets.

UPDATE  – 27/11/14

This #BlackFriday PicStick are offering a  Buy 1 Get 3 FREE deal.
That’s right. Buy 1 (£9.50/$14.99) and get 3 sets of magnets absolutely FREE. Just enter the code: GIFT3FREE. The code goes live at noon today.

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.