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My Naipo Christmas wishlist

I dream of being able to indulge in a regular weekly massage at a spa, but such treats are few and far between. More like once a year than once a week. So I often notice the tightness, tension and aches in my body, particularly the neck, shoulders and back. Also many years ago I had a whiplash injury from a car accident, which has always resulted in extra tightness and tension in my left shoulder. Therefore it is great to come across massage products you can use yourself at home. I’ve been browsing the product range from Naipo on Amazon and come up with the following wishlist.

Three Shiatsu massage products to focus on back, neck, shoulders and feet – my most achy areas. Plus a couple of cushions, one for everyday use targeting the lumbar region whilst sitting using my laptop and the other for travel.

My Naipo Wishlist



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Disclosure. I will shortly be receiving a free product from this company to review. All opinions are my own.


The boys Christmas wishlist

Sonia of Mummy Constant is running a fun competition for bloggers sponsored by Debenhams. Bloggers and their children need to come up with their Christmas toy wishlist from Debenhams.

I knew the boys would love this. But I did set them a time limit for choosing otherwise they would still be at it now. And it would be an incredibly long list. Pretty much everything except Barbie! They took turns but they have similar tastes in toys and both approved of each other’s choices.

So they chose a game each first. Son1 loves playing Temple Run on the iPad and was overjoyed to find that a Temple Run board game also exists. Meanwhile son2 already has several Angry Birds catapult games, but discovered another one that he would like, the Angry Birds Classic Table Top Action Game.

Son1 has already written that he wants Minecraft things on his letter to Santa. So no surprise that he chose the Minecraft Survival Pack toy. He already has all the books and a hat, but no toys. Both boys are addicted to playing it on their iPods and I keep overhearing them talking about stone cutters, diamonds, emeralds, etc. And I had to persuade son2 to reword his request to Santa for Minecraft on the exbox. Bless his spelling. We don’t have an XBox and his letter now says Minecraft on the Mac. So I may find my time on my Mac gets curtailed, but as there hasn’t been a version released for the WiiU yet and as I don’t intend that we replace our gaming platform, it looked like options were limited.

And son2 managed to find a Star Wars LEGO set that neither of them already have, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star Troopers 75034. And I must say that we do have lots!

Then another family favourite from son1. The Beano joke book. The boys have lots of vintage Beano annuals and comics which used to belong to their uncle and love reading these again and again.

Son2’s next choice of a Moshi Monsters MICRO Spaceship is a little young for them in my opinion but both boys still love playing with their Moshis. In fact a more modest request on Son2’s letter to Santa is for Woolly. We do already have Woolly but it belongs to son1 and son2 particularly wants his own.

Son1 had a look around the science toy department and came up with a rather gruesome suggestion of a Gross Science Zombie Hand. Definitely not my cup of tea.

And finally I suggested the last item to them and I’m very happy that they agreed. A Large LEGO storage head 4032. I just hate it when I tread on Lego – so painful.

And not of interest to the boys, but I was pleased to see that of these products are priced at an affordable level. A couple of the items were already reduced in price too.

Christmas Toy Wishlist


The Beano Joke Book
£5.99 – debenhams.com

Large LEGO storage head 4032
£20 – debenhams.com

Minecraft Survival Pack
£15 – debenhams.com

Moshi Monsters MICRO Spaceship
£12 – debenhams.com

Gross Science Zombie Hand
£10 – debenhams.com

Temple Run board game
£7.50 – debenhams.com