Draw With Me – Space

Last year I found a nice kids drawing competition on “This Mummy Loves” blog which my boys enjoy taking part in. It is a monthly competition and this month the theme is Space. Last month only son2 took part and this month we have reversed and only have an entry from son1.

Son1 has done a very detailed drawing which he tells me is the “Fly Me to the Moon” special assignment from his Lego City Wii U game.

lego city special assignment fly me to the moon

lego city special assignment fly me to the moon

He started giving me a very detailed explanation of his drawing, so I suggested we do a video instead.

This Mummy Loves...

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Guest post by #MorrisonsOnline Grandma

I have previously blogged about shopping in store at Morrisons here. Now Morrisons are extending their online delivery service across more areas of the country and offered me £80 of their vouchers to spend on online delivery to blog about. However as I don’t reside within the new delivery area, I passed the opportunity onto my mum. Below is what she has to say about her experience with Morrisons delivery service.

I was pleased to take part in Morrisons new delivery service as I do some shopping there since they opened a store about 5 miles away. This journey is quite easy by public transport from my home area, but the great difficulty is the many stairs there are to negotiate at the station if I have purchased heavy items. I use public transport as I can no longer see well enough to drive.

It was easy to sign up for Morrisons online shopping and the ordering process was straight forward except that when I checked my basket I found the order for some items had mysteriously doubled. I was able to find all the products I wanted except for pak choi – pork chop was suggested. It was not so easy to find items in the shopping basket when I wanted to change something as most items began with the word Morrisons. When I chose a delivery slot one item was not available on that date.

Morrisons delivery

My order was delivered on time by a friendly driver. I received an email afterwards from Morrisons asking me to rate the driver. I gave him 5 out of 6 as he had not told me about a substitution for one item, which had been replaced by a more expensive item and, unlike my first online order at Tesco, I had been charged the dearer price. All the products were packed in colour coded bags – yellow for freezer, red for fridge and purple for cupboard. The driver explained that he would collect the bags for recycling on our next delivery.

I enjoyed making my order having planned the meal I was going to prepare for 4 family members. I decided to use lamb as this is my daughter’s favourite meat. So the menu was as follows -

Starter – a grapefruit candle

Main course – Lamb cutlets served with baked potatoes, roast aubergine and celery, home grown french beans and mange tout peas, individual Yorkshire puddings, gravy and mint sauce.

Dessert – Pineapple crumble with ice cream.

The meal was very successful for the family except for one of the potatoes which had an area of black inside. While preparing the meal I was disappointed to find that one of the aubergines was bruised at one end, depite being wrapped in a protective sock, so this had to be cut off. The quality and freshness of the rest of the products was good.

The cost of the meal was as follows -
Grapefruit 70p
Lamb £3.96
Potatoes 66p
Aubergines £1.18
Celery 69p
Flour, egg and milk for Yorkshires 50p
Mint sauce 20p
Crumble mix 70p
Ice cream 85p
Tin of pineapple (for grapefruit candles and crumble) 60p
TOTAL £10.04

Maybe I need to explain the grapefruit candles. Cut the fruits into half. Place a cocktail stick in the centre of each half. Place cubes of pineapple up each stick and top with half a cherry. Morrisons grapefruit were sweet enough without adding any sugar.

morrisons delivery

It is not possible to make a complete comment on the quality of service. Ordering online means that you cannot speak to the fishmonger about the filleting of fish or to the butcher about the cut of meat and there are no options in the ordering process to specify any requirements. As I had previously bought fish on the advice of the fishmonger in the store, I was able to place my order for salmon with confidence from the description and picture given on the order sheet and I received what I expected.

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Disclosure.  Morrisons Grandma received £80 of Morrisons vouchers for free.  All opinions are her own.

3rd prize for my recipe!!!

I just had to blog about my exciting news. The judges at Gourmandize liked my Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps recipe so much that they awarded me 3rd place in their Tour de Food competition. The theme was food that you could eat on the go. It is always nice to win any competition, but I’m really thrilled as this was judged rather than a random draw. And well done to Irina and Emma who came 1st and 2nd with their Butternut Samosa Empanadas and Vegan Snack Bites respectively.

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

An active family

Mark Warner are challenging bloggers to share how their family keeps active together. This challenge is in association with GoApe.

We haven’t been able to do many active things as son1 gets tired very easily due to his leukaemia. But in May we decided to test his strength and stamina with a walk across the common. The distance was about 2 and a half miles either way, so 5 miles in total, with a pub lunch enroute. It was rather a wet day and the boys wanted to go home before we even got to the end of our road. But with some cajoling, we carried on and they were happy by the time we reached the common. We were pretty slow, so it took us about an hour and a half each way. And although son1 did flag, we were so proud of him for achieving it, only a year after his diagnosis at which time he needed a wheelchair.

Center Parcs July Challenge: Ice Lollies

Tots100 and Center Parcs have challenged bloggers to make ice lollies this month.  See this webpage for more details, where Center Parcs ice lolly enthusiast, Deb Rogerson, has shared her tips on how you could make your lollies. I was most inspired by Deb’s first tip which says Want to experiment with different flavours? Mix Greek yoghurt with a squeeze of honey, then just add your own additional flavouring. How about adding some crushed blackberries or blending banana in with the yoghurt? Transfer your mix to ice lolly moulds and set in the freezer.

Homemade ice lollies

Ice lollies are just what is needed during this heatwave and the boys were keen to help out making some. I already had some lolly moulds but I don’t think I’d used them since the boys were babies, as it is so convenient to just buy lollies at the supermarket. But I used to make healthy  sugar-free lollies from fruit puree when they were teething.

Both boys decided they wanted to make strawberries lollies, so we added water to dried strawberries, in the ratio 9 parts water to one part strawberries. Once the strawberries had softened, we spooned it into the moulds, closed them and put them in the freezer.

Meanwhile I also made up jugs of lemon and orange squash and poured these into the other moulds, so that we had a choice of 3 flavours. We left them in the freezer overnight to set.

Then the next day we enjoyed our lollies. The boys gave their strawberry lollies a big thumbs up. I tried a lemon one and it was lovely and refreshing. Once we’ve finished the others, I plan to make some more, as it is so quick and simple and also very budget-friendly. Next time, I’ll try making some yoghurt lollies.

homemade ice lollies

The boys enjoying strawberry lollies that they made

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 July challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest.

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

This is my own recipe for tasty quick little snacks to eat on the go. Or alternatively as an appetiser. I cook them under the grill but you may alternatively cook them in the oven if you prefer.

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

Mini Garlic Pizza Wraps

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 wrap
30g butter
80g grated mozzarella or cheddar cheese
2 cloves of garlic


Using a 2.5 inch circular cutter, cut 8 circles from a wrap.
Peel cloves of garlic and crush through a garlic press.
Mix garlic and butter together and spread onto the wrap circles.
Top with grated cheese and cook under preheated moderate grill for a few minutes until topping is bubbling.
Serve and enjoy.

mini garlic pizza wraps

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Magno-Z Ambassadors and giveaway

My children were delighted when our family was picked to be 1 of only 15 Hair-ee Spring Magno-Z Ambassadors in the UK. Magno what I hear you ask. Magno-Z are the latest toy craze soon to hit UK school playgrounds and we received 12 of them free to review.


Magno-Z are magnetic, stretchy, springy and hairy. They stick together or to any other magnetic surface. They come in 6 colours and 9 characters, so son1 quickly worked out that there are 54 to collect. The backing card tells you the name of each character and describes their personalities.


You can see the TV ad here. It has a very catchy tune which the boys and / or I can often be heard humming.


Three of our Magno-Z have been given to the boys friends on playdates, letting them choose their favourites. Although son2 was very upset when he realised we had given blue Bruce away to one of son1′s friends. Oops. Blue Bruce was son2′s original favourite and he wants me to get him another. Also the boys took half of the Magno-Z each to show their friends at school, getting thumbs-up reactions all round.


Here is a video of what my boys think of Magno-Z.

Magno-Z are suitable from age 3 and will appeal to both boys and girls in my opinion. A great pocket money toy at £2.99.

I’d love to hear which character and colour Magno-Z is your favourite.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway two Magno-Z toys courtesy of Brainstorm to one lucky winner.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Galt’s Mini Masterpiece – ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt

Earlier this year Galt Toys asked famous contemporary artist Ed Chapman to recreate Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait using Galt arts and crafts materials. The result was a stunning Marilyn Masterpiece, which just showed the fantastic artwork that can be achieved with the right supplies and a little bit of imagination. Following on from this Galt has now launched its very own ‘Mini Masterpiece’ series – 6 templates from famous works of art that little ones can print and decorate themselves, to create their very own mini masterpieces!

My boys were very pleased to be invited to take part in the third challenge in the series until they heard which piece of artwork they were going to recreate. A mini masterpiece of ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. Their art appreciation from previous gallery school visits vanished and there was a chorus of kiss, yuck. And why can’t we do Starry Night (which was the theme of challenge 2).

The Kiss is a very famous painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The painting is part of his ‘Golden Period’ when he created a number of paintings using a similar gilded Art Nouveau style, and took him a year to paint from 1908 until 1909. The masterpiece is of a man and woman embracing, each wearing an elaborate gold robe painted using oil paint with layers of gold leaf.

The boys were slightly mollified when I showed them the free product that Galt had sent us to help create their mini masterpieces. It was a Sponge Painting Set.

Sponge Painting

So we opened up the Sponge Painting set. Son1 pressed out the sponges whilst son2 pressed out the stencils. Meanwhile I was delegated to squeeze a dollop of each colour paint onto a saucer and mix with some water as per the instructions. It was difficult to judge how much water to add.

Then the boys set to, decorating their versions of ‘The Kiss’ with sponge painting. Frequent calls to mum to mix more paint or to wash a sponge so it could be used in a different colour. We did find that the sponges were mostly much bigger than the tiny sections of the design of ‘The Kiss’, so probably a fine paintbrush would have been easier to use in this instance than the sponges. But after getting over their initial reluctance, the boys had great fun producing their own mini masterpieces.

sponge painting

sponge painting

Also Galt are running a kids competition to win a big bundle of arts and crafts goodies. Just download and print off a copy of ‘The Kiss’ template for your mini artists to have a go at recreating.

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Disclosure.  This post includes a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

An Alphabetti view on Children’s Books Week

Tots100 have teamed up with Heinz and challenged bloggers to recreate a quote from your favourite children’s book using Heinz Alphabetti for Children’s Book Week.

This sounded a great way of making meal time fun. So I made sure to buy a tin of Heinz Alphabetti on my weekly shop and then asked son2 to choose a line from one of his favourite books. He initially wanted to do something from his Angry Birds book but I persuaded him to choose something more mainstream. He then selected the quote “The turnip got bigger and bigger” from the traditional Russian fairy tale The Enormous Turnip, (original author unknown).

I tipped the Alphabetti out of the tin and spread it out over a chopping board for him to then search for the letters he needed. I kept my fingers crossed that he would find 5 G’s, but we were fine. The only problem came afterwards when he didn’t want to eat a proper portion. He only wanted to eat the quote.

The Enormous Turnip

The turnip got bigger and bigger

The Enormous Turnip

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Heinz competition to support Children’s Book Week.

Belo & Me Kids Cooler Bag review and giveaway

Regular readers of my blog may remember a couple of months ago I reviewed a Lunch Bag from Belo & Me. They have now extended their product range to include a Kids Cooler Bag and have sent me a free one to review.

Belo&Me kids cooler bag

The Cooler Bag comes with a cute animal design in 3 colours – blue, red and purple and retails at £5.95. I chose to review the blue one.

The bag is made of shiny material inside which helps to keep the heat out, and you can easily pop a small cool pack in too if you wish. I don’t know if it is washable, but both the inside and outside are easy to wipe clean and the bag closes with a velcro fastening. And it folds flat for easy storage when not in use. An eco product made from recyclable PP material.

The bag is ideal for packed lunches, picnics and days out.

You can read my previous review of the Belo & Me Lunch Bag here. I also discussed some of the environmental issues of plastic bags.

Take a look at the Belo & Me webshop to see all their products. They have a sale on currently with some of their lunch bags reduced to a bargain £1.95 each.

Belo&Me Cooler bag

I tested it out with a sandwich box, a bottle of water, cereal bar and a satsuma, when going to watch son1′s sports day. School was providing son1′s packed lunch, but there was plenty of space left if we had been sharing. I also put a cool pack in as temperature was forecast to reach 27 deg.

It certainly worked well. After 3 hours outside in the high heat, my picnic lunch was still nicely chilled.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a kids cooler bag in your choice of colour to one lucky winner, courtesy of Belo & Me.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.