All active giveaways on my blog will be listed here. They are open to UK residents only unless stated otherwise. And page down for details of free offers and previous winners.

No giveaways running currently. Please check back later.

Free Offers

Claim your freebies to help save water, money and the environment here.

FREE book – How to Reform a Rake

You can get a FREE phone skin using the code on my post here.

And you can get a FREE Weekend Box using the promo code on my Review – ongoing

Winners of previous giveaways

A copy of the book The Leipfold Files – winner is Sharon M

A month’s supply of Vegums A-Z multivitamins – winner is Catherine B

A copy of the book The Tower Hill Terror – winner is Richard T

A copy of the book Driven – winner is Victoria B

A 6 month subscription of micro green boxes – winner is Lucinda P

An All-Purpose Cleaning Solo Kit – winner is Sarah P

A selection of sustainable food and drink products – winner is Amy M

A 20 Dreams game – winner is Victoria P

Game Off Celebrities – winners are Helen A, Allan S and Ian Y

A LOVE CORN snack bundle – winner is Danielle P

A 20 Dreams game – winner is Carly B

A kindle copy of Anno 2020 – winner is Kiran P

A selection of Greetings Cards – winner is Claire B

A box of Lomo Crisps – winner is Henry M

A pack of natural toilet rolls – winners are Craig Y and Vicki R

A shampoo bar and a conditioner bar – winner is Nicola H

A paperback copy of the book Justice Gone – winner is Sian D

A jar of Barleycup – winners are Anthony R, Kat C and Pat B

A kindle copy of Mr 100% – winner is Katie W

A pair of hummingbird earrings – winner is Kirsty J

A set of spice power pods – winner is Jane W

A kindle copy of A Gladiator’s Love – winner is Iain M

A kindle copy of The Me Too Girl – winner is Rachel W

Selection of health foods – winner is Julia B

A jewellery box – winner is Sarah B

Toothpaste tablets – winner is Lisa F

Organic Coffee Bags – winner is Astrid C

A packet of Organic Cacao Butter Buttons – winner is Elaine S

A Jibbergiggle game – winner is Margaret G

A copy of the book “Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies” – winner is Keith H

A natural lip balm – winner is Lucy C

A copy of the book Super Nutrition – winner is Clair D

12 packs of Free From Fellows sweets – winner is Nadia S

A 6 month subscription of STEM Box – winner is Angie M

TVP mince and chunks – winner is Alison M

A copy of the book Armour Piercing – winner is Emma H

A copy of the book Dark Inheritance – winner is Helen A

Cacao powder, almond flour and date sugar – winner is Jacqueline R

A copy of both Benjamin Birdie books – winners are Karen H, Claire W and Kirsty S

A copy of the book Evo – winner is Angela K

A copy of the book “Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trousers Trumpets” – winner is Laura W

A set of matching Christmas outfits – winner is Natasha P

Wallaroo snacks – winner is Kerry N

A Sweet Victory hamper – winner is Ruth R

A Soundiculous game – winner is Angela B

A copy of the book “Gangster School – The Brotherhood of Brimstone” – winner is Holly K

A paperback copy of the book “Initiated to Kill” – winner is Emily H but the author was so pleased with the success of the giveaway that she has decided to award 2 runners-up prizes of e-copies of the book to Annabel G and Mark M

A WonderKid Space Pack – winner is Anneka A

A copy of the book “Blood of the Red Rose” – winner is Marianna B

The Pretender game – winner is Hannah S

A copy of the book “Gangster School” – winner is Juli B

A paperback copy of “The Past is Present” – winners are Jessica H and Margaret G

A luxury Tray of Delights Hamper – winner is Claire G

A bottle of BBQ Smokey Ketchup – winners are Rebecca S, Clair D and Paula C

A self care goody bundle – winner is Pam G

A handmade doll, a children’s book and postcards – winner is Sarah M

A Zollipops sugar-free sweet treat bundle – winner is Natalie C

A three month Chewy Moon snack box subscription – winner is Rebecca F

A copy of the book “Silent Fear” – winner is Sabrina B

40 Appy Kids Co juice drinks – winner is Angela T

A Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager – winner is Mark J

2 free pizza vouchers – winners are Emily C, Gemma Sand John P

An Asian Snack box – winner is Ed H

5 e-copies of book “Heart Note” – See here for winners

A sleep kit – winner is Carole N

A copy of the book – The Tyler Files #1: Smarty Pants! – winner is Robyn C

A Songmics Storage Ottoman Bench – winner is John P

A Disney Tangled Jigsaw – winner is Zara T

A kids goody bundle (dvds, books, craft) – winner is Victoria T

Two bottles of Real Good Ketchup – winner is Carol M

Nim’s Fruit and Vegetable crisps – winner of the kids range is Nat N and winner of the original range is Clare H

A Zap-It insect bite relief device – winner is Kim N

Products from HelloSkin – winner of EVY Sunscreen Mousse is Laura N, winner of Oilatum Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is Jessica H and winner of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Bath and Shower Oil is Claire W

A copy of the book – Martha the Blue Sheep – winner is Allan F

7 cans of Cinnamora drinks – winner is Hayley F

A subscription to Learning Success – winner is Helen T

A copy of the book “Sapphire Pavilion” – winner is Aaron M

Products from HelloSkin – winner of a DermaTherapy fitted sheet is Amanda A, winner of a pair of Jasmine Silk Moisturising Socks is Laura N and winner of a bottle of Neutrogena T/Gel 2-in-1 Dandruff Shampoo Plus Conditioner is Lorna L

A month’s Chewy Moon snack box subscription – winner is Spencer B

Tea, biscuits and bingo – winner is Jenny S

A sleep hamper – winner is Caroline C

A tube of Primula Light Cheese – winner is Natalie G

A Country House in Spring jigsaw – winner is Jodie D

A box of Valentines cupcakes – winner is Chloe G

A £25 Snapfish voucher – winner is Hayley C

A 14 day supply of Essential Teatox – winner is Jo C

A copy of the book “The Wolf Wilder” – winner is Jemima M

A £15 Morse Toad Voucher – winner is Jodie D

A copy of the book “The Last Night” – winners are Kelly M, Steph D, Carol B, Angela K and Clare B

8 packs of Nim’s Fruit & Vegetable Crisps – winner is Jodie H

2 jars of Macabella Cocoa & Macadamia Spread – winners are Simone B, Laura N and Valerie S

A copy of the book “The Royal Rabbits of London” – winner is Jacqui R

A copy of the book “Gordon’s Great Escape” – winner is Lucy K

A copy of the book “Alfie and His Very Best Friend” – winner is Emma F

A HUE Animation Studio kit – winner is Janine A

A copy of the book “If I Forget You” – winners are Hekna K, Samantha O and Angela B

A bundle of Flexitol footcare products – winner is Hayley F. Runners up are Amy W, Melissa L, Yasmin W, Danielle C and Carrie-Ann B

A box of Cupcakes – winner is Ruth H

Bumper Book Giveaway – winners are Rebecca B, Julie C, Laura T, Tamsin D, Keith H, Laura P, Ruth H, Saz P, Ann Marie G, Laura C, Laura S, Laura G, Colin G, Sandy H, Margaret G and Kathleen M

A year’s membership to – winner is Katie G

A copy of the book “The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog Master of Disguise” – winner is Spencer B

A case of 12 jelly pots and a lunchbox – winner is Elaine S

A cushion – winner is Tracey A

5 tubes of Primula Cheese – winners are Tee S and Gemma M

3 Where’s Wally books – winner is Cara B

A Jelly Party Pack – winner is Corinne P

A copy of the book “The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle” and a Capture The Flag t-shirt – Winner is Emma H

A baby travel changing mat – Winners are Kirsty H and Beckie M

A Teddy Bear Passport app – Winners are Jo C and Kimberly T

A chocolate hamper – Winner is Olivia K

2 boxes of Keep Me Strong breakfast cereal – Winners are Jennifer C and Emma W

A copy of the book Adapt by Edward Freeland – Winners are Claire T and Champaklal L

A bottle of Clinitas Soothe® Multi eye drops – Winner is Laura C

A £15 voucher to spend at Tickled Pink – Winner is Champaklal L

5 packs of Bahlsen Chocolate Biscuits – Winner is Michelle O

A box of JADU China Green Tea – Winner is Natalie T

A copy of the book Tidy – Winner is Cheryl H

A 250g packet of Chia Seeds – Winner is Catherine W

A Randomise Game – Winner is Susan B

A Daisy Table and 4 OneLeg Stools See here for winner

A pack of 100 Simply Washing tabs – Winner is Harline P

6 Augmented Reality Greetings Cards – Winner is Joy W

A copy of the book Supertato Veggies Assemble – winner is Ruth H

A pack of 10 Doddlebags – winners are Jayne U, Lisa H, Karl B, Vickie J and Lisa M

A spiralizer, cook book and vegetarian products – Winner is Adrian E

A BoxOfWax Subscription Box – Winner is Kirsty L

A bundle of 8 high protein snack packs – Winner is Linda T

5 copies of Eric Says Thanks – winners are Jenna P, Winnie Y, Kirsty W, Helen G and Patricia A

2 Balance Active Formula Spraybody lotions – winner is Gaynor S

A crafting activity goody bag – winner is Corinne P

A £75 Nomads Clothing voucher – winner is Laura B

A copy of the book An Eagle in the Snow – winner is Jessica P

5 pairs of CleverstiX cutlery – winners are Stephanie W, Samantha L, Nicola C, Jackie O and Claire N

5 copies of The Blackthorn Key – winners are Jade S, Caroline W, Barbara H, Amy Wand Betony B

5 free pizza vouchers – winner is Kay P

10 Funky Giraffe bibs – winner is Claire W

10 copies of The Tale of City Sue – winners are Ellie M, Emily H, Victoria B, Lisa W, Jennifer C, Iain M, Diana S, Kay P, Claire W and Katie S

A copy of the LEGO Awesome Ideas book – winner is Keri J

A copy of the book Danger is Still Everywhere – winner is Jason N

The full range of 6 Skinny Sketchers drawing kits – winners are Lyndsey B and James R

A copy of the book Shoutykid 3 – winner is Laura B

2 boxes of Keep Me Going cereal – winners are Emma F and Charlotte C

An Objets de Désir necklace – winner is Emily C

A Magformers WOW toy – winner is Kaci S

A set of Chambers natural leather care products – winner is Amy W

A beach holiday prize bundle – winner is Jayne T

A set of armbands and float – winners are Katie W and Jo W

4 boxes of luxury Yogi Teas – winner is Hekna K

Entry to the Balance Bike Championship Race plus bike hire – winner is Janet P

3 copies of A Home For Molly – winners are Richard T, Karl B and Tracy N

A personalised Disney book – winner is Wes M

A £40 Snapfish voucher – winner is Tracy N

A Premium Memberships to Preloved – winners are Karl B, Nicola C and Kim N

A toy handmade from your child’s drawing – winner is Karl B

A Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit toy – winner is Michelle P

An ultimate girls’ night in prize bundle – winner is Zena J

A copy of the book Shoutykid 2 – winner is Cathy J

A Nature’s Gallery crafting bundle – winner is Karen R

4 tubes of Primula Cheese – winners are Liz B, Elaine S and Hayley D

2 pairs of Workforce Ultimate Comfort socks – winner is Anita J

Superdrug exfoliating foot scrub and intensive foot cream – winner is Katherine D

A pair of bird stud earrings – winner is Beckie H

A bento box – winner is Gwen M

Zip It and Train kids books – winner is Lisa J

Anton Everything Purse – winners are Jo L, Chloe B, Karen H, Ashleigh A and Mark C

Pizza vouchers – winners are Katie S (4 vouchers), Jennifer C (2 vouchers) and Leanne W (1 voucher)

A Yumbox – winner is Kayleigh B

A pair of Hisss and Purrrs Valentine’s Mugs – winner is Kristy B

The Blood of Olympus book – winner is Sid W

Olive leaf tea and extra virgin olive oil – winners are Deb A, Reyhana C and Sarah P

3 copies of The Forgotten Puppy – winners are Elaine D, Patricia A and Natalie M

A copy of The First Hippo on the Moon by David Walliams – winner is Kim N

A copy of The Book With No Pictures by B J Novak – winner is Lee H

A Vegan Tuck Box – winner is Kim N

A copy of The Parent Agency by David Baddiel – winner is Keri J

3 copies of The Magical Snow Garden – winners are Kel H, Deborah B and Kim N

4 Magno-Z toys – winners are Harley R and Lee H

4 Craft Products – winner is Liam B

Micah Seven Five – winner of a paperback copy is Irene W and winners of an eBook version are Jaseos H and Jane Y

3 Halloween Sticker Activities Books – winners are Richard H, Erica P and Tamsin D

2 Christmas Decorations Kits – winners are Stephanie W and Angela K

The Luck Uglies book – winner is Sid W

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK – winner is Danika L

2 Magno-Z toys – winner is Barbara H

A Kids Cooler Bag – winner is Kirsty W

A copy of the book Shoutykid – winner is Sarah L

A Roald Dahl Duper Ultimate Die-Cut and Paper Pack – winner is Hannah I

An Upbeat Goodie Bag – winner is Elaine D

A set of natural wood baby age blocks – winner is Richard H

A Lunch Bag – winners are Rachel D and Kelli F

A set of 6 kids books – winner is Victoria T

A Letterbox Cake – winner is Tamalyn R

£10 worth of Baking Products – winner is Tracey P

Kids Bath Products – winner of a bottle of Anovia Kids 3-in-1 shampoo, bodywash and bubble bath is Chrissie B. Winners of a bottle of Anovia Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner are Jonathan W and Sandra R

A selection of Greetings Cards – winners are Lowri E and Kelly W

A Zebrative t-shirt – winner is Michelle K but Steph of Zebrative was so pleased with the success of the giveaway that she has decided to award runners-up prizes of a Zebra print babygrow to Susan L and Donna W

A set of Special Spoons – winner is Pat S

A weeks worth of Happy Monkey Drinks – winner is Stacey G

3 Kids Books – winners are David B, Gemma C and Amy B

A pack of Mineral Eye Patches – winner is Samantha R

4 Dinosaur Gift Bags – winners of luxury gift bags are Laura H and Naomi C. Winners of party gift bags are Vicky C and Sid W

A Playmat – winner is Claire T

A box of Macarons – winner is Faye H













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