Preloved review and giveaway

I am sure almost everybody has tried buying or selling something on ebay, but how many of you have tried the Preloved marketplace? I thought I hadn’t, but when I tried to register on their website, I found I had registered for an account several years ago. Fancy forgetting that! I hadn’t listed anything previously though.


You can sell items on Preloved with no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches. With Preloved you can either be a free member, or pay for a membership for added benefits.

And the big news is that Preloved have just released a free App this week meaning you can now shop second hand in the palm of your hand! The app has initially been released on iOS, but will also be available on Android later. I was given access to the beta version of the app before the general release to test out how it works.

Firstly it is easy to install and takes very little space. You do need to have updated your device to iOS8 though. Luckily this wasn’t an issue on my phone.

Once I had installed it, the first thing I did was start looking at the existing adverts. A great feature is that you can display them by distance from your current location. I was immediately tempted by some toys that son2 had already requested less than 5 miles away. I saved them to my favourites so I can compare them against new prices later in order to decide whether to purchase.

Next it was time to try listing something for sale. I’ve only listed one item as ever since son1’s leukaemia diagnosis, we’ve been donating things we no longer want to our local Cancer Research charity shop.

Preloved app

The listing process is very simple. First you choose your advert type from the following ten options:- for sale, wanted, to rent, to swap, event, other, for loan, lost, service or found. Then you add your photos, by either taking a new photo or uploading one from your device. It recommends adding at least three photos as it says adverts with more photos sell faster. But I only used one photo.

Next give your listing a title and choose a category. I couldn’t spot a really suitable category for my picnic basket so I chose Camping Equipment, a sub-category under Health and Leisure> Caravans and Camping. There may be a better category but I had spent some time checking out the categories unsuccessfully. It then generates item specifics depending on the category chosen. So for Camping Equipment, these were condition, make and model. I selected secondhand for the condition, but make and model were irrelevant for my listing.

Then I wrote a description of my item and finally added the price. There was an option of adding a price type which I didn’t use. But the options were:- various, offers, each, or near offer, or very near offer, offers above, no offers, per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year or plus VAT.

Once you’re happy with your listing you publish it. At this point you are offered the option to get your advert featured or share your post across various social media. If you wish to get your advert featured you would need to upgrade from free membership. There are two upgrades available. The first is Full membership which costs £5 per year and is best for buyers since you can respond to adverts as soon as they are placed, otherwise you have to wait 12 days after an advert is placed. The second is Premium membership which costs £25 per year and is best for sellers as you get up to 50% more advert responses. Premium also includes all the benefits of Full membership.

So my listing was placed via a free membership and I did notice it seemed to take a few days to get any views and then 13 views all appeared on the same day. Views seem much lower than on ebay. I am now upto 22 views, 6 days later. No interest from any potential buyers yet. But luckily I have been offered a free Premium membership after I publish this post, which will be a big benefit for my future listings.

Once your post is published, you get the following options:- preview, edit, withdraw, renew or mark as sold. A few days after listing, I tested withdrawing my listing and then renewing it. Very simple.

I subsequently uploaded an upgrade to the beta version, but I haven’t noticed any differences in functionality.

I think my next listing will be a “Wanted” item as son1 is desperate to get  a Heroica Waldurk Lego game, which is no longer available from the shops. He has the other three Heroica games and this would complete his set.

So in summary a great app. You can download a free copy from iTunes here.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a years premium membership to Preloved (usually £25) to three lucky winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a free app. I will be receiving a Premium membership after my post is published. All opinions are my own.

Wrappz personalised gifts review

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I told you last month about the personalised phone cases and gifts from Wrappz. I can now show you the items I spent my voucher on.

I purchased 2 mugs (porcelain and ceramic) and a small make-up bag.

I uploaded my photos to the design area of the website. For the make-up bag I filled the entire area with one landscape image, bearing in mind the warning that anything between the inner dotted line and outer solid line may be cropped, a very useful piece of information. I then previewed it, complete with zip.

make up bag from Wrappz

For the mugs I chose to use multiple images, but was surprised when nothing happened after clicking the preview button on both mugs. A shame as I had found the preview of the make-up bag very helpful. However I was fairly confident in what I had done.

The checkout process was very simple and dispatch was quick.

The small make-up bag retails for £10.95 and it could be used for other purposes too.

I was hoping to choose the Premium Aluminium 500ml sports bottle but the website said there were no products matching the selection. So sticking with the drinks theme, I chose mugs instead. Both mugs have a capacity of 280 ml. The ceramic one retails for £7.95 and the porcelain one for £11.95. They are dishwasher safe although hand washing is recommended. There is no guidance as to whether they are microwave safe.

personalised mugs from Wrappz

personalised mugs from Wrappz

personalised mugs from Wrappz

personalised mugs from Wrappz

personalised mug from Wrappz

The company has improved their packaging for fragile items which are now packed with air cushions, but I still think it would be beneficial to clearly label on the outside of the package as fragile.

Wrappz packaging

Wrappz packaging

This is the only indication of fragile contents

Take a look at the Wrappz website. There is plenty to choose from either for yourself or for a lovely personalised gift.

And I have two offers to pass on to my readers – 20% off a personalised phone case or any other items on the Wrappz website with discount code: “FBFAN20”. Click here.
Or get a FREE personalised phone skin with the code FREESKIN. You just pay postage. Click here.

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Disclosure. I received a voucher to purchase items from Wrappz. All opinions are my own.

Chicago Town Deep Dish pizza review

It is only a week or so since I reviewed the Chicago Town Takeaway pizza, so you may remember that I mentioned that I already purchase the microwaveable Chicago Town deep dish pizzas on a regular basis as they are a staple for me when working night shifts, since I only have access to a microwave and toaster at work, with no proper oven.

Well the PR then asked me if I would fancy reviewing the deep dish pizzas too, as there are four brand new flavours in the range. So I have now received 2 vouchers to try some for free.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza vouchers

The four new flavours are:-
New Yorker
Chicken Club
Pulled Pork
Sloppy Joe

When I popped into my local small supermarket, they only seemed to stock one of the new flavours, namely the New Yorker. So I purchased that and the Pepperoni with the vouchers. Usually I would buy the Four Cheese.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas

These pizzas can be cooked either in the oven or the microwave, but I stuck to my usual routine of microwaving them at work. I do like to eat something hot during a 12 hour night shift. and these are ideal for that purpose. I enjoyed both flavours, so may be varying my purchases in the future.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas

These pizzas are available at most major supermarkets, currently with an RRP of £2.19. I consider this is great value at just over £1 for each individual pizza.

I’d love to hear what is your favourite pizza?

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I purchased using vouchers I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

From a drawing to a custom doll review and giveaway – open worldwide

Would you like to turn your child’s drawing into a real doll they can hug & love? Then read on.

When Yaela of Dolls ‘n’ All contacted me to ask if I would like to do a review for her, I wondered how I was going to get the boys to sign on to the idea. The word “doll” is a big no no to them. So I cunningly showed them some of the photos on the Dolls ‘n’ All website which as well as girly dolls included boys with monsters, superheros and even a sheriff doll. And I explained that they would draw pictures and Yaela would make them. Reminding them how it would be like when they did the design for Daddy’s cushion.

They were sold on the idea. Son2 immediately told me he was going to draw a penguin. So one wet day during the Easter holiday, I gave them some paper and pencils, so they could do their designs. And here are the results.

Rockhopper by son1

Rockhopper by son1

Penguin by son2

Penguin by son2

I then emailed their pictures to Yaela to work her magic. Yaela was great at communicating progress on the project and the boys were very excited when I told them that the toys were on the way. And even more excited when the parcel arrived. We opened it to find a personalised letter along with their two special toys, which were very well packed.

Parcel from Dolls 'n' All

Handmade toys from Dolls 'n' All

Handmade toys from Dolls 'n' All

The boys absolutely loved their gorgeous toys giving them loads of cuddles. But son1 was not satisfied with the letter though. He was about to cross out the word HER, pointing to Rockhopper’s beard, as proof that Rockhopper is male. So I would suggest that the experience for the children may be enhanced with the ability to also choose the letter from several templates instead, with wording appropriate to girl or boy dolls. Also our letter referred to singular drawing and singular doll, whilst addressed to both son1 and son2. So either a separate letter for each child or a template with plural wording would have resolved this.

DollsnAll personalised letter

Also son2 mentioned that the beak and feet of his penguin should be orange, but on looking at my scan of his original drawing, I can see that it already looked beige at that point, so this was my fault. I showed this to son2 which satisfied him, so I would suggest you always compare the scan to the original before submitting an order, because you can easily add a note regarding colour variations.

A lovely touch was that the toys were labelled on the back with the year, child’s name and age.

Prices currently start at £32, depending on level of detail in the design, plus shipping and you can choose between a regular or extra large toy. The boys’ toys would both have cost about £40 each. You would receive an exact pricing quote after you submit the child’s drawing. Alternatively you can order a gift certificate.

Look at these two happy boys with their toys. I thoroughly recommend Dolls ‘n’ All for coming up with such a great business idea. Such a lovely keepsake. Son2 has already told me that he is going to do two more drawings, so I told him he had better start saving his pocket money.

Son1 with  his own designed toy from Dolls 'n' All

Son2 with  his own designed toy from Dolls 'n' AllI even sneaked some photos when they were both asleep.

Son1 asleep with his Rockhopper Penguin

Son2 asleep with his Penguin

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a doll of your child’s design courtesy of Dolls ‘n’ All to one lucky winner. What a fab prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

Plus I have a special offer to share with my readers of 10% discount off your order. Please quote the code CLAIRE15 when you place your order.

I’d love to hear what toy you or your child would choose to have made?

ps. Don’t tell my boys that their toys are dolls!

You can find Dolls ‘n’ All on social media as follows:-
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Britmums Book Club review – The Silent Hours by Cesca Major

It has all been very quiet for months from the Britmums Book Club but they recently sent me a free copy of “The Silent Hours” by Cesca Major. It is set in France and switches between 1952 and the second world war periods.

The Silent Hours by Cesca Major

This is what it says on the back cover.

An epic, sweeping tale set in wartime France and spanning generations, The Silent Hours follows three people whose lives are bound together, before war tears them apart:

Adeline, a mute who takes refuge in a convent, haunted by memories of her past;

Sebastien, a young Jewish banker whose love for the beautiful Isabelle will change the course of his life dramatically;

Tristan, a nine-year-old boy, whose family moves from Paris to settle in a village that is seemingly untouched by war.

Beautifully wrought, utterly compelling and with a shocking true story at its core, The Silent Hours is an unforgettable portrayal of love and loss.

I had difficulty getting into this book initially but with hindsight I was trying to start a book in the wrong setting, with the distraction of one of the children. So several days later I tried again alone. This time I was sold and read the whole book that day.

I really enjoyed this book. The story is woven around the main characters and moves seamlessly back and forth between wartime and 1952. And I like how it is left to the reader to interpret why Adeline is mute and why she won’t go into the chapel. But on the other hand at the end, I really wanted them to realise who Tristan’s brother is.

After I had finished reading the book, I was struck by how familar the events at Oradour-sur-Glane sounded. Yes it is based on the true events of 10th June 1944 when 642 villagers were massacred by Nazi soldiers, but where would I have come across that. I’m wondering if it was from when I read Citadel by Kate Mosse, but I’m a bit hazy as it is a couple of years since I read that. Perhaps she had based part of her book on the same event.

The Silent Hours” is due to be published next month and will retail at £12.99 for a paperback version. It will also be available as an eBook.

The Silent Hours” is Cesca Major’s first novel although she has won several short story competitions. I’m certainly looking forward to her next book.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Stir-fry chicken noodle with satay sauce

Although I often cook stir-fry, this is the first time I’ve ever tried making a satay sauce.

Chicken noodle with satay sauce

Ingredients (serves 4)

225g peanuts
2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion
1 tsp chilli oil
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
400 ml cold water
250g noodles
75g cooked shredded chicken
50g leek
1 large carrot
50g frozen peas
50g frozen sweetcorn


Add 1 tbsp oil to a wok and heat gently.
Add peanuts and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Allow to cool.
Whizz in a blender.
Chop the onion and leek.
Cut the carrot into julienne strips.
Add onion and chilli oil to wok and fry gently for a couple of minutes.
Stir in sugar, soy sauce and water.
Bring to the boil.
Add blended peanuts.
Simmer for about 10 minutes until the sauce has thickened.
Meanwhile cook noodles according to packet instructions.
Add 1 tbsp oil to a frying pan and heat gently.
Add leek and carrot and stir-fry for about 5 minutes.
Add the frozen peas and sweetcorn and chicken.
Continue to stir-fry for about 3 minutes.
Serve noodles topped with stir-fry topped with satay sauce.

stir fry chicken noodle with satay sauce

This was a delicious flavour and I shall be making it again.

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Heroes aren’t born, they’re made – Sprükits review and giveaway

What makes a hero? You do.

The boys were really excited when I opened the big parcel that has just arrived and saw it was packed full of toys. We had received four free Sprükits from Bandai for them to construct.

Sprukits by Bandai

There were two level 1 toys, one level 2 and one level 3 toy. They are all targetted at age 8+ but son2 didn’t want to be left out of the fun, so they each started with a level 1 toy. Son1 got The Joker and son2 got Batman.

They both love building lego but neither of them had come across this type of toy before. We opened the boxes and put everything on a tray each. I showed them how they would identify each piece by its number and letter and left them to follow the instructions themselves, reminding them to leave the pieces on the Sprü until they were ready to use them. No cutting, painting or glue is required.

The Joker Bandai Sprükit

Son1 immediately got the hang of it and needed no help at all. Son2 was initially a little unsure of how to twist the pieces off the Sprü, but was fine by about piece 3. He also demanded help when some of his pieces didn’t stay together too well. I felt it just needed a little more force to snap them together, but remember he is under the target age for this toy. He also has the same issue with Lego.

Batman Bandai Sprükit toy

I was amazed how quickly son1 finished making The Joker and son2 wasn’t that far behind with Batman. They then had great fun role playing with their models.

Batman and The Joker Bandai Sprükit toys

These construction toys are recommended for age 8+ and they retail at amazon, argos, the entertainer, smyths, tesco and toymaster. Level 1 kits have over 30 pieces with an RRP of £8.99. Whilst the larger level 2 kits with 20+ moveable joints have an RRP of £15.99. And finally the most challenging level 3 kits have over 150 pieces with an RRP of £49.99. So something to suit all budgets. The full list of Sprükits is displayed in their catalogue.

You can see the TV commercial here.

Win a Batman Dark Knight Rises Bandai Sprükit toy

Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit

The next project is to move on to building the level 2 and level 3 Sprükits. I’ll do a separate blog post to tell you how the boys get on with those. But I certainly was very impressed with both the level 1 kits, plenty of fun and good value for money in my opinion.

In the meantime, I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a Batman Dark Knight Rises Sprükit (level 2 kit) to one lucky winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear who is your favourite super hero.

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Dirty Bertie Jackpot book review

We were really spoilt for choice by the selection of books available from Little Tiger Press to review currently. They have 5 new titles out this month, aimed at a range of ages from 5-11. I decided to let son2 choose one to review, as son1 was already waiting for Shoutykid 2 to arrive. It took son2 a while to make his mind up, but he eventually opted for Dirty Bertie Jackpot.

Dirty Bertie Jackpot

Although this is the 25th adventure in the popular series, it is the first Dirty Bertie book that either of the boys have read. Son2 kept asking all Easter holiday when it was going to come, so was very excited when his free book turned up the Saturday after going back to school.

Dirty Bertie Jackpot kids book

Dirty Bertie Jackpot is written by Alan MacDonald and illustrated by David Roberts. The book consists of three short stories – Jackpot, Crumbs and Demon Dolly. Dirty Bertie, the main character is a boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits, so guaranteed to make my son laugh.

Son2 loved the book and he tells you all about it in this video.

This paperback book currently retails at £4.99 and is published by StripesPublishing, a division of children’s book publishing company Little Tiger Press. You may purchase it online from Little Tiger Press. It is targetted at children age 6-8.

Son2 also enjoyed the activities on the Dirty Bertie website especially the smelly soundtrack.

This is the fifth book that son2 has reviewed from Little Tiger Press. He previously reviewed their Halloween Sticker Activities book, The Magical Snow Garden, The Forgotten Puppy and Zip It.

The other new books out this month are
Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates: Attack of the Giant Sea Spiders (age 6-8)
Knightmare: Foul Play! (age 5-8)
Maisie Hitchins: The Case of the Weeping Mermaid (age 7-9)
SWARM: Target Silverclaw (age 9-11)

I’d love to hear what is your favourite book from Little Tiger Press?

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

Chicago Town pizza review

I’m sure most of you will have noticed Chicago Town pizzas in the frozen aisle at the supermarket, even if you haven’t tried them yet. Chicago Town have recently introduced a new limited edition flavour to their Takeaway range – BBQ Pulled Pork, described on the box as a taste of southern BBQ at its sizzling best. And I received 2 vouchers to try it for free.

chicago town pizzas

I already purchase microwaveable Chicago Town deep dish pizzas on a regular basis as they are a staple for me when working night shifts, since I only have access to a microwave and toaster at work. However I hadn’t previously purchased any of the pizzas from their Takeaway range, as at 630g / 635g they are a bit larger than the pizzas I tend to buy for our family, so I was looking forward to trying them. I usually serve two standard size pizzas as son2 will only eat cheese and tomato pizza, whilst the rest of us like some variety. He isn’t very adventurous with food.

Chicago Town pizzas

So when I did my grocery shop, I chose to spend one of the vouchers on the limited edition BBQ Pulled Pork and the other on the Four Cheese Melt, so that everyone would be happy or so I thought. Turned out that son1 wasn’t too keen on BBQ Pulled Pork after all, although us adults loved it. But the boys did love the Four Cheese Melt. And we all agreed that the stuffed crusts were delicious. No crusts left lingering uneaten on the side of the plate.

However one thing I did notice was that everyone ate more than usual. Even though the pizzas were bigger, I still cut them into the same number of slices. Three of us ate half a large pizza each. What piggies we are. And even little son2 ate three slices. There was me expecting there to be a lot left over. A very tasty and satisfying meal in my opinion.

chicago town pizzas

These pizzas are available at most major supermarkets, currently with an RRP of £4.29, although they were priced at just £4 at Tesco. I conside this is great value for a supermarket pizza competing with the takeaway market.

And looking at the box, I found out something I didn’t know. Chicago Town is a trademark of Dr. Oetker. There was me thinking that they were two competing pizza brands. We like Dr. Oetker pizzas too and you can read my review of them here or about the Ice Pizzeria here.

I’d love to hear what is your favourite pizza?

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I purchased using vouchers I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

A hamper of goodies from Superdrug

Hot on the heels of Katherine de Riera winning my recent Superdrug footcare products giveaway, I’ve now received a free hamper of goodies from Superdrug including yet more items to pamper my feet.

Superdrug goodies hamper

Superdrug goodies hamper

So let me tell you about some of the goodies that I discovered inside my lovely hamper.

scholl luxury pedicure set

Scholl luxury pedicure set

The item that immediately got my attention was the Scholl Luxury Pedicure Set. Having never used anything more sophisticated than a pumice stone, I couldn’t wait to try this out. It consisted of a Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File and a Velvet Smooth Intense Serum. The foot file was amazing. The roller just glides over the feet, really working well on my unsightly callouses. How I wish that I had discovered a product like this years ago. My feet already are starting to look much better. I highly recommend it. The roller head is easy to remove for washing. And the serum, which I applied after using the foot file felt nice too. This set currently retails at Superdrug for £29.99, reduced from £44.99.

scholl luxury pedicure set

bare foot scrub and balm

Bare Foot products

Then there was a selection of products from the Bare Foot range. Two travel size products and two full size products of Foot Scrub and Foot Balm. I haven’t had time to try them all yet, as I’ve  been too busy with the Scholl roller. But I have tried both the travel size ones. They work well and smell divine. But I do have one little bugbear with the travel size sachets. Once they are open, you have no way to close the packets. I had assumed they would be individual use, but no at 15ml, there was more product than I needed for one application. I would have preferred them to be in a tube or pot. The travel size versions currently retail at Superdrug for 99p and the full size 150 ml at £4.25.

bare foot scrub and balm

Detox Smoothie

Next up the Detox Smoothie. There were two of these, so my other half and I had one each. I added 200 ml of cold water and mixed it up in a jug using my electric hand mixer, as my liquidiser broke several months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. It mixed well, but sorry neither of us particularly liked it, even if it is branded as a superfood. I thought the taste was bearable but my other half hated it. The main ingredients are pineapple, banana and apple. I much prefer the ready-made smoothie cartons that I regularly buy at the supermarket. This currently retails at Superdrug for £1.99 for a single 45g sachet.

detox cleansing smoothie

Leader Barebar Apple & Cinnamon

Then the Apple & Cinnamon Barebar, a gluten, wheat and dairy free snack from Leader, the same brand as the Detox Smoothie. I cut the first bar into 4 pieces so we could all try it. We all loved the taste of this and the boys argued over should have the second one. This 40g snack bar currently retails at Superdrug for £1.29 and also comes in Orange & Chocolate and Red Berries flavours. I want to buy the other two flavours to see which is my favourite.

Apple & Cinnamon Barebar

Skin Beauty vitamins and oil capsules

Next the Skin Beauty vitamin / mineral tablets and oil capsules which the box says are exclusively sold through Superdrug in the UK. Basically there are three types and you take one of each daily at meal times. They are conveniently labelled by day. It wasn’t specific as to whether you take all three at the same meal or one each at breakfast, lunch and tea, so I’ve been taking all three at the same meal instead of my usual multi-vitamin tablet. I’ve only taken them for three days so far, so too early to notice any effect. These currently retail at Superdrug for £14.99 for a 28 day packet.

Skin Beauty vitamins and oil capsules supplements

Lighter life products

And finally there were several LighterLife Fast products, namely 5:2 LighterLife Fast Chocolate Shake Pack X4, 5:2 LighterLife Fast Chocolate Peanut Bar and 5:2 LighterLife Fast Chocolate Raisin Bar. I am lucky as I have never needed to diet, so I hadn’t come across LighterLife Fast before. Again the packaging indicates that this range is excusively sold at Superdrug. I had a look at the LighterLife Fast website and the idea is that in a week you fast for two days and eat normally for the other five days, hence the 5:2 in the branding. On your fast days, it is not that you are having nothing. Instead you may eat four Lighter Life products, plus you may still have tea or coffee with a splash of milk. I decided to give a fast day a whirl.

Lighter life chocolate shake

First I made up one of the chocolate shakes for a late breakfast, using 220 ml cold water as recommended. However I made the mistake of initially trying to mix it with my electric hand mixer in a mug and it went everywhere. So after cleaning up, I swapped to using a fork, which left the remainder rather lumpy. But the taste was still nice. Then I had the chocolate peanut bar for lunch. Pleasant enough but I much preferred the chocolate raisin bar which I had at about 5pm. Finally I had another of the chocolate shakes, but hot this time. I preferred the cold version.

And I can definitely say I did feel hungry. Glad I don’t diet usually. Also I think i would have preferred to try one of the savoury products in the range rather than just eating sweet products, but there wasn’t one in the hamper. Currently the 56g meal replacement bars retail at Superdrug for £2.49 each and the packet of 4 shakes for £8.49. Also there is currently a buy 6, get 1 free promotion on some of the LighterLife products including the bars, but not the shakes.

 5:2 LighterLife Fast Chocolate Peanut Bar

So what a nice interesting selection of products in my hamper. I understand that Superdrug is the only UK stockist for these products although some are sold independently on the brands’ own websites.

And I’d love to hear what is your favourite product from Superdrug?

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own. I did receive two additional adult items in the hamper, but i have agreed with the PR not to review those on my family-friendly blog.