My review of miamoo travel goodies

When I saw that miamoo were looking for bloggers to review their travel set in March, I asked if I could do it in April, as I thought our holiday to Margate would be an ideal opportunity to test out their products. I told them what date I was travelling and they said they would send me a free pack of miamoo travel goodies at the beginning of April to review. However unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time, so we tested the products out at home instead after our return. My first thoughts on opening the package was what wonderful fun names for the products.

Having a month’s notice in advance of doing the review, I had plenty of time to read up about miamoo on their website, as I hadn’t heard of the brand previously. I found out that miamoo is owned by Saira Khan who was the runner-up on the first series of The Apprentice, a programme I really enjoyed watching. I was particularly interested to read Saira’s research indicating that facial wash, shampoo, bath gel and shower gel all contain the same key cleansing ingredients, so you could just buy the shampoo for all four purposes. Saira claims that the manufacturers just want you to buy four separate bottles, so they get more profit. But that means less money in your pocket, more clutter in your bathroom and more landfill.

The pack includes 6 travel-size products, all small enough to be allowed in hand luggage on an aeroplane, plus a wash cloth. The products are:-
splashy wash 30ml
fresh locks 30ml
spritz and wipe 30ml
huggy lotion 30ml
cheeky cream 10ml
baba oil 30ml

The outer packaging details Saira Khan’s recommended 3-step routine of cleanse, moisturise, then massage. You may use use the splashy wash, fresh locks, spritz and wipe for cleansing, huggy lotion and cheeky cream for moisturising and baba oil for massage.

miamoo products are suitable for all the family and are excellent for dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. They are 98.5 – 100% naturally derived and are free from nasty harsh ingredients. None of our family have major dry skin conditions, but occasionally we do get small patches of very dry flaky skin.

So step 1, cleanse. I used the 3-in-1 fresh locks for the boys baths including hair wash one day and the splashy wash the next day. Both products smelt lovely. At ages 8 and 5, the boys refused to participate in steps 2 and 3 of the routine, but as miamoo products are suitable for all the family, it was over to me.

Onto the spritz and wipe, another multi-use product, I tested this out as both a toner and a hair detangler. Thumbs up to both, especially for the freshen up for my long hair between washes. And from a travel point of view, the spritz would be really useful on a plane journey.

Step 2, moisturise. Having read Saira’s comments about not needing four separate products for facial wash, shampoo, bath gel and shower gel, I thought I would put the huggy lotion to the test in a similar way. I currently have separate moisturising products for face, body, hands and feet. The miamoo website states that the huggy lotion is a 3 in 1 moisturiser that works on hands, face and body. I also tested it on my feet, as my heels are the driest area of my skin and it smoothed in really easily.

The cheeky cream is a barrier cream to help prevent sore and irritated skin. None of us had any sore skin, but I tried it on my hands anyhow. It takes more effort to be absorbed than the huggy lotion, but I would expect this. And would be really useful for babies bottoms.

Step 3, massage. My neck, shoulders and back always benefit from a massage, but these are not areas that are easy to reach to self-massage, so instead I opted to massage my legs, as the miamoo website mentions that baba oil may be used for tired legs and feet. I also tried it on my lips as they can easily get chapped, so I always carry a lip balm. It did feel good on my lips, and nicer than the vaseline that I usually apply each night.

miamoo collage

A great range of travel products in mini sizes. And I love how they are multi-use and suitable for all the family, saving you on packing space.

The pack of travel goodies retail at £15. Full-size versions of all the products may also be purchased online in the miamoo shop. Once I use up some of my existing bathroom products, I shall consider buying miamoo products, as they are such good value by being multi-functional and suitable for all of us to use.

miamoo also asked me to think about how they could add to the range. My idea would be wipes impregnated with spritz and wipe, much more natural than most wipes on the market and great for when you are out and about.

And I have an offer to share with my readers of 10% off at miamoo using the code Blog13, (enter code at checkout, applicable on full price products only).

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “My review of miamoo travel goodies

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Very interesting, I’ve never tried this brand. I like how upfront they are about their aim of versatility. If it’s backed up by their products’ performance then that’s great!



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