A visit to Butterfly World

Last month whilst visiting my sister and family, we joined them for a visit to Butterfly World. We had never been before and really enjoyed our visit.

First we went into the insect house, where the boys declined to participate in creepy crawlie handling, although they enjoyed looking. Their young cousin was less reticent, making a grab for an African Giant Snail. This building also housed the heated display cases containing newly hatched butterflies, fresh from the pupae. We then went nextdoor into the ant house. It was amazing watching ants carrying leaves much bigger than themselves.

We then went into the butterfly house, where we were surrounded by 100s of beautiful butterflies. None landed on us, but I still got some lovely photographs. Fascinating to see them feeding on half oranges. And it was nice and tropical in there, compared to the rather chilly day outside.

Butterfly World

Then we went for a walk round the caterpillar shaped gardens. Some unusual themes. Son2 was desperate to grab the key, about 3 times as tall as him, to unlock the door in the other flowerpot. He wouldn’t have had much luck if he had tried, as the key would have been much too big for the lock. And then he ventured inside a giant box of matches.Butterfly World Butterfly World

And then a play in their natural play area. The slide was wide enough for the boys and their cousin to all slide down together. A willow hedge tunnel to walk through. And even I had a go on the wobbly bridge. Then lunch and more time in the play area. A lovely family day out.


6 thoughts on “A visit to Butterfly World

  1. Mammasaurus

    Ooo I likey – some quirky additions there that I just know the kids would go mad for. Looks like you all enjoyed it! Thanks ever so much for joining in and sharing x



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