A kids’ ski holiday wardrobe

Mark Warner are challenging bloggers to showcase their favourite kids’ ski holiday wardrobe. This challenge is in association with Polarn O. Pyret.

Neither I nor my boys have ever been ski-ing, so I took a look at the Polarn O. Pyret website to see what winter outerwear was in their range. And I was so impressed that I chose my whole wardrobe from Polarn O. Pyret. First up are the ski coat and trousers which I selected to keep the boys warm and dry. These are also padded, so may help with bumps if they fall over. And the reflective stripes will help keep them visible in the dark, post ski-ing. Then I’ve chosen matching thermal long johns and top as a base layer for extra warmth in the cold temperatures in the snow. And I know from my personal experience that ears hurt if they get very cold, so I chose a cosy balaclava hat. Also a pair of gloves to keep fingers warm. Now I don’t know if ski-boots come in kids sizes, but I couldn’t resist these wellies, as they match the balaclava perfectly. Polarn O. Pyret don’t stock ski-boots, but perhaps I should go and check some other stores.

So what would you choose?

Kids Ski Holiday Wardrobe

Kids Padded Ski Trousers
£70 – polarnopyret.co.uk

Kids Padded Ski Coat
£95 – polarnopyret.co.uk

Striped Thermal Kids Long Johns
£18 – polarnopyret.co.uk

Striped Thermal Kids Top
£18 – polarnopyret.co.uk

PO.P Stripe Kids Balaclava
£14 – polarnopyret.co.uk

Winter Kids Gloves
£22 – polarnopyret.co.uk

PO.P Classic Kids Wellies
£22 – polarnopyret.co.uk

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