Yummy Chicago Town Takeaway pizza review

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I purchased using vouchers I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

I’m sure most of you will have noticed Chicago Town pizzas in the frozen aisle at the supermarket, even if you haven’t tried them yet. Chicago Town have recently introduced a new limited edition flavour to their Takeaway range – BBQ Pulled Pork, described on the box as a taste of southern BBQ at its sizzling best. And I received 2 vouchers to try it for free.

chicago town pizzas

I already purchase microwaveable Chicago Town deep dish mini pizzas on a regular basis as they are a staple for me when working night shifts, since I only have access to a microwave and toaster at work, plus they are quick to cook. However I hadn’t previously purchased any of the pizzas from their Takeaway range, as at 630g / 635g they are a bit larger than the pizzas I tend to buy for our family, so I was looking forward to trying them. I usually serve two standard size pizzas as son2 will only eat cheese and tomato pizza, whilst the rest of us like some variety. He isn’t very adventurous with food.

Chicago Town pizzas

So when I did my grocery shop, I chose to spend one of the vouchers on the limited edition BBQ Pulled Pork and the other on the Four Cheese Melt, so that everyone would be happy or so I thought. Turned out that son1 wasn’t too keen on BBQ Pulled Pork after all, although us adults loved it. But the boys did love the Four Cheese Melt. And we all agreed that the stuffed crusts were delicious. No crusts left lingering uneaten on the side of the plate.

However one thing I did notice was that everyone ate more than usual. Even though the pizzas were bigger, I still cut them into the same number of slices. Three of us ate half a large pizza each. What piggies we are. And even little son2 ate three slices. There was me expecting there to be a lot left over. A very tasty and satisfying meal in my opinion. Plus the cooking instructions were easy to follow and the pizzas slid easily from baking tray without sticking.

chicago town pizzas

These pizzas are available at most major supermarkets, currently with an RRP of £4.29, although they were priced at just £4 at Tesco. I conside this is great value for a supermarket pizza competing with the takeaway market.

And looking at the box, I found out something I didn’t know. Chicago Town is a trademark of Dr. Oetker. How about that! There was me thinking that they were two competing pizza brands. We like Dr. Oetker pizzas too and you can read my review of them here or about the Ice Pizzeria here.

I’d love to hear what is your favourite pizza?

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